My research focuses on the hippocampal formation, and its functions in memory and cognitive mapping. We are currently exploring the role of the human hippocampus, with particular emphasis on episodic memory and context.

We also investigate aspects of hippocampal development, the impact of stress on hippocampal function, the nature of spatial cognition, and the contribution of hippocampal dysfunction to mental retardation in Down syndrome. Finally, we have started several projects involving interactions between learning, sleep and memory consolidation.


Much of this work is carried out using functional neuroimaging methods, as part of the Cognition and Neuroimaging Laboratories. Other work involves the Anxiety Research Group, and collaborations with the Child Cognition Lab, and the Sleep Research Lab.

Lynn Nadel

Department of Psychology

University of Arizona

Tucson, Arizona

Present and Some Former Students and Postdocs

Veronique Bohbot, Jenne Breslin, Chrissie Cox, Jenna Greenleaf, Oliver Hardt, Scott Hayes, Siobhan Hoscheidt, Almut Hupbach, Eric Jackson, Katie Ketchum, Amy Learmonth, Jessica Payne, Alexei Samsonovitch