Arizona Math Camp 2019
University of Arizona Economics Department
Online Course, June 17 - July 26

Lecture Notes     Exercises     Exams

Professor: Mark Walker.

Teaching Assistant: Risheng Xu.

Optional Textbooks:
  Mathematics for Economists , by Carl Simon & Lawrence Blume
      (W.W. Norton 1994;   ISBN 978-0393957334 Hardbound;   ISBN 978-0393117523 Paperbound).
  A First Course in Optimization, by Rangarajan Sundaram
      (Cambridge University Press 1996;   ISBN 978-0521497190 Hardbound;   ISBN 978-0521497701 Paperbound).
  Book of Proof , by Richard Hammack
      (Richard Hammack 2013;   ISBN 978-0989472104)
      Available as pdf at   Paperback available from Amazon.

    Lectures are available on YouTube at the UAMathCamp channel.   See the lecture schedule below.

Exercises, Final Exam, and Course Grade:
    Exercises are assigned at the end of each week.
    There is a Final Exam at the end of the course.
    Your course grade will be determined by your performance on the final exam;
        if your performance on the exercises is strong, that will be taken into account as well.
    Sample exams from prior years, with solutions, are available at the link above.

Lecture Schedule:
    Week 1: Lectures  1-10 (Foundations, Logic, and Proofs; Euclidean Space)
    Week 2: Lectures 11-17 (Vector Spaces, Convexity, Concave Functions)
    Week 3: Lectures 18-23 (Real Analysis)
    Week 4: Lectures 24-29 (Foundations for Optimization)
    Week 5: Lectures 30-36 (Optimization)
    Week 6: Lectures 37-40 (Optimization) Mark Walker's Home Page