Mark Walker

Karl Eller Professor of Economics, Emeritus
University of Arizona

Curriculum Vitae Research Math Camp 2021 Econ 501B Econ 519 Contact Information

I'm now retired, as of May 2018, but still teaching an online version of Math Camp.

My teaching and research are in microeconomics and game theory. I regularly taught Econ 501B (one of the Department's first-year doctoral courses in microeconomics) and Econ 519 (the first-semester math course in the doctoral program). I was also known to occasionally teach Econ 501A (another first-year microeconomics doctoral course), Econ 696R (an advanced doctoral course in microeconomic theory), Econ 431 (Game Theory and Decision Theory), Econ 511, (an MBA course on information economics and the Internet), and Econ 361 (Intermediate Microeconomics).

Take a look at my research or find out how to contact me.

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