Miklos N. Szilagyi's Homepage

I am a Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona. This is my personal homepage; click here to access my professional homepage.

I have three doctorates in science and engineering. Eleven of my books have been published. I am also the author of over 130 research publications and two patents.

Here is a page about my current research project.

My latest book is not about engineering; it is entitled How to Save Our Country: A Nonpartisan Vision for Change. It is the textbook for my First-Year Colloquium on How to Save the American Democratic Institutions.

As part of my contribution to the University of Arizona's community outreach activities, I serve as President of The Tucson Institute, a nonprofit educational organization for better citizenship. The Tucson Institute is the organization behind the Common Sense Movement. I was the editor of the Common Sense Movement's former monthly newsletter, The New Common Sense.

In addition, I am a member of the UA Speakers' Bureau and frequently address various community organizations on current national and international issues.

I frequently write to the media about current issues. For example, read what I recently wrote about Yugoslavia.

I am also serving on the UA's Faculty Senate.

If you are interested in reading my life story in a nutshell, click here. If you want to see my picture, click here.

Address questions or comments regarding the content of this page to Miklos Szilagyi, mns@ece.arizona.edu.