Field Institute in Environmental & Borderlands History

2009 NEH Summer Institute
for University and College Teachers

June 14-July 11




University of Arizona, Tucson
The first week and final week of the summer institute will take place at the University of Arizona in Tucson. As visiting scholars, participants will have access to a range of university facilities, email accounts, library privileges, bookstore and event ticket discounts, and the option to purchase a UA CatCard, parking pass and a campus recreation membership. Free public wireless internet is available on campus.

Field Study Tour
We'll spend the middle two weeks of the institute on an extended field study tour in southwestern New Mexico, northern Sonora, and southeastern Arizona. Specific details for the 15-day field study tour are available in the general schedule and preliminary detailed schedule.

Cell phone coverage can be limited in some of the rural areas in which we will be located. Internet access will be even more limited while we are on the field study tour.

For our travels into northern Mexico, you will need a valid passport. During the first week of the institute, we'll cross the border at Nogales to explore the Sonoran missions, and during the field study tour, we'll cross the border at Agua Prieta to spend several days on Sonoran ranches. Since we will be staying only a limited amount of time and remaining in the "Border Zone" (up to 20 kilometers south of the U.S.-Mexico Border), no tourist visas are required. Travel in the U.S./Mexico borderlands these days always involves stops at inspection sites. We'll likely encounter a series of these immigration and military checkpoints on both sides of the border. You can find more information about travel in Mexico and Sonora at the following websites:



Summer in the Southwest