Field Institute in Environmental & Borderlands History

2009 NEH Summer Institute
for University and College Teachers

June 14-July 11




How to Apply

You will find specific NEH Summer Institute application information and the application instructions linked here. The application deadline is March 2, 2009.

We are looking forward to working with a diverse set of participants. The Institute is designed to meet the needs and interests of an array of faculty involved in undergraduate teaching—both those who have expertise in environmental and borderlands history, as well as those who do not. We hope to receive applicants from faculty with interests in U.S. History, Latin American Studies, Environmental History, Mexican American Studies, American Studies, English, Geography, Anthropology, and other related fields. See the application information for complete eligibility criteria.

Perhaps the most important part of the application is the essay that must be submitted as part of the complete application. This essay should include any personal and academic information that is relevant; reasons for applying to the particular project; your interest, both intellectual and personal, in the topic; qualifications to do the work of the project and make a contribution to it; what you hope to accomplish by participation, including any individual research and writing projects; and the relation of the study to your teaching.