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Yetta M. Goodman

Regents Professor

Department of Language, Reading and Culture
College of Education, University of Arizona,
Tucson, Arizona 85721

(520) 621-7868

e-mail Yetta:: ygoodman@u.arizona.edu


A Short Selected Vita

Biographical Statement
Yetta M. Goodman is Regents Professor of Education at the University of Arizona. She consults with education departments and speaks at conferences throughout the United States and in many nations of the world regarding issues of language, teaching and learning with implications for language arts curricula. In addition to her research in early literacy, miscue analysis and in exploring reading and writing processes, she has popularized the term kidwatching encouraging teachers to be professional observers of the language and learning development of their students. She is a major spokesperson for whole language and in her extensive writing shows concern for educational issues and research with a focus on classrooms, students and teachers.

B.A. (History) 1952, M.A. (Elementary Education) 1956, Los Angeles State College. Ed.D. (Curriculum Development) 1967, Wayne State University, Detroit.

Professional Experience in Teaching and Teacher Education:  
Los Angeles City and County Schools 1952-1962 K-8th grades; Wayne State University, College of Education, Detroit, Michigan, 1963-1972; University of Michigan-Dearborn, 1967-1975.

Memberships and Offices in Professional Societies:
International Center For the Study of Literacy Processes: Board Member 1988 - Present.
National Council of Teachers of English: Executive Board Member 1976-1980; President 1979; Member 1964 - Present.
Center For Expansion of Language and Thinking: President: 1975 - 1979; Board of Directors 1970 - Present.
International Reading Association: Member 1965 - Present, Board of Directors 1994-1997.
Association For Supervision and Curriculum Development: 1962 - Present.
National Conference For Research In English: 1973 - Present.
American Education Research Association: 1970 - Present.
State and Regional IRA and NCTE Organizations.

Honors and Awards
Outstanding Teacher Educator in Reading Award, IRA and Merrill Publishing Co., 1983.
University of Arizona Faculty Achievement Award, 1987.
Mary Frobisher Teacher Education Award - awarded by TAEYC, 1987.
Awarded: Regent's Professor, University of Arizona, 1991
Elected into the Reading Hall of Fame, 1994
NCTE Distinguished Service Award, 1994
NCTE Outstanding Educator in Language Arts, 1996

Selected Publications

(Published over 160 articles, books chapters, books, monographs, bibliographies, video and audio tapes, etc.)

Articles and Chapters

"The Roots of Literacy" Claremont Reading Conference Forty-Fourth Yearbook, M.P. Douglass (ed.), Claremont, CA: Claremont Reading Conference 1980, pp. 1-32.

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with A. Osuna, "El Inventario de Miscues como Instrumento de Valoracion" in Lectura y Vida, 1987, pps. 22-30.

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Books and Monographs

with D. Watson, C. Burke, Reading Miscue Inventory: Alternative Procedures. New York: Richard C. Owen Publishers, Inc., 1987.

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