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Kenneth S. Goodman, Professor Emeritus
Yetta M. Goodman, Regents Professor Emerita

Department of Language, Reading, and Culture
College of Education, University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85721
Phone: 520-621-7868
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Reading as a Psycholinguistic Guessing Game: Key Postulates (DVD set) now available!!!

The Reading First Debacle

A Proposed Alternative to Reading First

Goodman Gazette 2009 & Pictures - People, Places & Events

Goodman Gazette 2007 & Pictures

En Espaņol: Lenguaje Integral (En preparacion)

Recent Books:

The Truth About DIBELS: What It Is - What It Does

Recent Papers:
Suffer Little Children to Come to Be DIBELed
DIBELS: The Perfect Literacy Test
Response to Revisting Miscue Analysis

South Africa Trip:
Cape Town
Johannesburg, part 1
& part 2
Kruger National Park

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