Kenneth I. Forster



1. My main research interest is in masked priming, and all the weird and wonderful things that go on inside our heads without us having any awareness of them.

2. A close second is the software package called DMASTR that controls all our experiments. I originally wrote the code in assembly language for a PDP-11 running under RT-11 back in 1975, and it enabled us to run four separate labs asynchronously. Then it was ported to PCs running under DOS. More recently it has blossomed into a Windows version called DMDX under the careful supervision and attention of my son Jonathan, who is a Good Programmer.

3. Golf is a passionate but dispiriting pursuit of mine. No matter how terrible the round, next week I'm raring to go. It must have something in common with fishing, a pursuit that I've never understood. At the moment, I'm having trouble with putting.