Anglo-Saxon Scholarship

Explanatory Notes

I hope eventually to compile here a reasonably complete record of publications on Anglo-Saxon scholarship and individual Anglo-Saxonists from the 16th through the 20th century. In doing so I apply the term "Anglo-Saxonist" somewhat loosely and arbitrarily. I include some persons who were not chiefly Anglo-Saxonists but who as collectors, librarians, antiquaries, and so forth, had some particular impact on Anglo-Saxon studies.

As for such persons as Milton, Jefferson, Longfellow, and Tolkien, I have of course included only those publications that bear directly on their Anglo-Saxon work or interests. My focus has generally been more on scholarship than on medievalism, and I have not normally reported writings on the strains or whiffs of Anglo-Saxon language or culture that appear in Wordsworth, Hopkins, Joyce, Steinbeck, and many other authors. But probably I have not been entirely consistent in my exclusions and inclusions.

Carl Berkhout
January 1996

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