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Weather occurs on multiple scales both spatially and temporally. At the lowest scale are the turbulent eddies that occur in the boundary layer which is what I research. This is called the microscale. What we normally think of as weather occurs at larger scales. The mesoscale includes weather systems such as thunderstorms which are on the order of tens to hundreds of kilometers. Then there are synoptic scale systems on the order of thousands of kilometers which are usually the low and high pressure systems that bring the weekly cycle of weather patterns to the mid-latitudes. Finally, there is the planetary scale which are associated with extremely large-scale waves the size of the circumference to a third of the circumference of the Earth that the synoptic-scale systems ride along. What weather occurs at any particular moment is due to a combination of phenomenon at these different spatial/temporal scales.

I have made an effort here to follow that same pattern by providing links to weather information on various scales roughly parallel to those given above—from the local/state level, centered on Arizona since that's where I live, going outward to the global scale—at the links to the left.