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The Marine Atmospheric Boundary Layer

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Bulk vs. Skin Sea Surface Temperature

Marine Atmospheric Boundary Layer Clouds

Humidity Inversions

The Land-Atmosphere-Ocean Interactions (LAOI) Group at The University of Arizona's Institute of Atmospheric Physics researches the interfacial and boundary layer processes at the Earth's surface and their effects on global climate. The group also works to improve the characterization of these processes in climate and numerical weather prediction models by analyzing the model parameterizations of these processes using field data and remotely sensed data or by integrating such data into the models. I specialize in the interfacial processes between the oceans and the atmosphere and between sea ice and the atmosphere as well as the processes that occur in the marine atmospheric boundary layer (MABL).

I have strongly worked with the National Center for Atmospheric Research's Community Earth System Model (CESM). I am currently working with the team developing the Regional Arctic System Model (RASM). I have also worked with the scientific community in the SeaFlux project analyzing and improving satellite-derived ocean surface turbulent flux products by providing algorithm and product intercomparisons. I have also contributed to VOCALS with our project involving an analysis of cloud properties in the southeastern Pacific stratus deck and its evaluation in the atmospheric component of the CCSM (predecessor to CESM).

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