Thomas J. Volgy

Department of Political Science
University of Arizona
Tucson, Arizona 85721
Telephone  520 621-1208
Fax   520 621-5051   



            B.A.,    Oakland University. Majors: Political Science and History.

            M.A.,   University of Minnesota. Major: Political Science.

            Ph.D.,   University of Minnesota. Major: Political Science.


            National Security Seminar, Colorado College, 1972.

            Inter-University Consortium for Political Research, University of Michigan, 1972.

            Scholar-Diplomat Seminar, Department of State, 1973; 1974.

            Political Leadership and Management Seminar, J.F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, 1983.

            Leadership and Governance Seminar for Mayors, J.F. Kennedy School of  Government, Harvard University, 1987.


Professional Experience

Faculty member,  Department of Political Science, University of  Arizona, 1971 to present.  Full Professor.

            Executive Director, International Studies Association, 1995--.

            Mayor, City of Tucson, 1987--1991.

            Councilmember, City of Tucson, 1977--1987.

            Partner, New Veritas, 1992—1995; Magellan International LLC, 1995--.



          Robert O Burns Award for outstanding international public education, 2000.

          Annual Public Service Award, National Association of Social Workers, 1999.

Common Cause, Public Service Award, 1997

            U.S. State Department Delegate to the CSCE, 1994.

            National Advisory Committee, Leadership for America’s Cities, 1994--.

            Selected for Who’s Who in the United States, 1991--.

                                 Who’s Who in International Affairs, 1997--

            Recipient of the University of Arizona’s Distinguished Citizen Award, 1991.

            Board of Directors, National League of Cities, 1989--1991.

            Selected by USA TODAY as one of six new mayors “to watch”, 1987.

            Pima County Bar Association Award for Outstanding Naturalized Citizen of the Year, 1987.

            Recipient, Oasis Award for outstanding production in public affairs programming, 1987.

            Recipient, Outstanding Teaching Award, School of Behavioral Sciences, 1987.

            Recipient, “Outstanding Young American” national award, 1981.

            As co-author of the book, The Forgotten Americans (W.W. Norton, 1992), selected as winner of the 1993 School of Behavioral Sciences best book author.

            Selected as member of the international delegation to observe and validate Hungary’s first democratic national elections, 1990.

            Board of Advisors, Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems, 1996—

            Editorial Board, International Studies Quarterly, 1998--

            Editorial Board, International Studies Perspectives, 2000--

            Editorial Board, International Studies Review, 1999—

            Editorial Board, Journal of International Relations and Development, 2000—

             Editorial Board,  Foreign Policy Analysis, 2004--

International Activities

          State Department scholar, visiting; Slovenia, 2004; Bulgaria, 2004

            State Department Delegate to the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, Prague, 1994.

            Ukraine: Conducted training seminars for government leaders for the National Democratic Institute, 1991, 1994.

            Russia:  Conducted training seminars for government leaders for the National Democratic Institute, 1991.

            Ukraine: Provided diagnostic assistance on local governance for the National Democratic Institute, 1992, 1993.

            Ukraine:  Assisted with drafts of the national constitution for the National Democratic Institute, 1993.

            Kazakhstan:  Conducted training seminars for national, regional and municipal leadership in behalf of USIA and IESC, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996,2002.

            Estonia:  Provided local government feasibility assessment for National Democratic Institute and USAID, 1993.

            Estonia:  Trained mayors and administrators for National Democratic Institute, 1994.

            Hungary:  Assisted on local governance and economic development in Pecs, in behalf of the City of Tucson, 1993.

           Nicaragua:  Trained mayors in developing local governmental infrastructure for Santa Cruz Institute and USIA, 1993.

            Bulgaria:  Trained  representatives in local governance and ethnic relations for Santa Cruz Institute and USAID, 1995.

            Hungary:  Monitored the first national democratic elections for National Democratic Institute, 1990.

            Guyana: Conducted democratization seminars in behalf of the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, 1995

            Romania: Conducted training for mayors in democratization processes, for National Democratic Institute, 1996

Slovakia:  Trained Parliamentarians and party leaders in national election process, 1997.

            Developed sister city programs between the City of Tucson and Almaty, Kazakhstan; Pecs, Hungary, 1987-1991.

            Led economic development missions to Mexico, Taiwan, Germany, 1987-1991.

            Board of Advisors, Democracy Institute, Washington DC, 1993--.

            National Democratic Convention:  Delegate, 1984; Delegate and Rules Committee 1992

            Atlantic Council Fellow, 2001


National Invitations

            Testimony given:

                        U.S. House of Representatives, Public Works Committee, on federal transportation policy, 1981.

                        National Governors Association, on transportation policy, 1982.

                        National Women’s Political Caucus Convention, on telecommunications technologies and political socialization, 1983.

                        United States Congress, negotiator on behalf of the National League of Cities on Telecommunications Law (Senate Bill 66), enacted 1984.

                        United States Senate, Finance Committee, on federal transportation policy, 1985.

                        U.S. House of Representatives, Telecommunications Committee, on oversight needs for telecommunications, 1988.

                        U.S. Senate, Anti-Trust Committee, on cable legislation, 1989.

                        National Democratic Party, Rules Committee, 1992.

                        Speaker and Participant, on campaign finance reform, for Center on Responsive Politics, 1992.


Television Productions and Media Activities

            Politics and The Press: Media and Official Relations, 1987.

            Politics and The Press: Print Media, 1990.

            Politics and the Press: Television, 1990.

            Advertising Campaigns and Elections, 1990.  

            Television and the Future of New Technologies, 1990.

            Op Ed pieces and guest columns for Arizona Daily Star; Newsday; Tucson Citizen; New York Times



  Books and Monographs

            Volgy, Thomas J., and Alison Bailin. 2003. International Politics and State Strength. Boulder: Lynne Rienner.

            Volgy, Thomas J. 2001. Politics in the Trenches: Citizens, Politicians, and the Fate of Democracy. Tucson: University of Arizona Press.

Schwarz, John E., Thomas J. Volgy. 1992. The Forgotten Americans: Working Hard and Living Poor in the Land of Opportunity. New York: W.W. Norton. This was chosen as one of five finalists for the Harry Chapin Award by the World Hunger Association in 1993; chosen as one of the best twenty five books on poverty since 1945, by Reinvesting in America; and was cited by the New York Times (December 26, 1993:20) as a “new and noteworthy” selection, as “its important revelations promise to challenge the conscience of Washington.”

            Volgy, Thomas J. 1976. Exploring Relationships Between Mass Media and Political Culture: The Impact of Television and Music on American Society. Tucson: Institute of Government Research (editor and contributor).



            Volgy, Thomas J., Kristin Kanthak, Derrick V. Frazier, and Robert Stewart Ingersoll. 2004. "The G7, International Terrorism, and Domestic Politics: Modeling Policy Cohesion in Response to Systemic Disturbances."  International Interactions (forthcoming).

            Volgy, Thomas J., Derrick V. Frazier, and Robert Stewart Ingersoll. 2003. Preference Similarities and Group Hegemony:G7 Voting Cohesion in the UN General Assembly.” Journal of International Relations and Development 5: 51-70.

Volgy, Thomas J., and Lawrence E. Imwalle. 2000. “Two Faces of Hegemonic Strength: Structural versus Relational Capabilities.” International Interactions, 26: 229-51.

Volgy, Thomas J., Lawrence E. Imwalle, and John E. Schwarz. 1999. “Where is the New World Order? Hegemony, State Strength, and Architectural Construction in International Politics.” Journal of International Relations and Development , Fall.

            Volgy, Thomas J., Lawrence E. Imwalle, and Jeff J. Corntassel. 1997. “Structural Determinants of International Terrorism: The Effects of Hegemony and Polarity on Terrorist Activity.” International Interactions 23:207-31.

            Volgy, Thomas J., and John E. Schwarz. 1997. “Free Trade, Economic Inequality and the Stability of Democracies in the Democratic Core of Peace.” European Journal of International Relations 3:239-53.

            Volgy, Thomas J., John E. Schwarz. 1996. Worker Power and Wages: The Influence of  Productivity, International Trade, and Inflation in Ten Democratic Nations. American Journal of Political Science, November.      

            Volgy, Thomas J., Larry Imwalle. 1995. Hegemonic Perspectives on the New World Order. American Journal of Political Science, November.

            Volgy, Thomas J., Stacey Mayhall. 1995. Status Inconsistency and International War: Exploring the Effects of Systemic Change. International Studies Quarterly 39, 1.

            Volgy, Thomas J., John E. Schwarz. 1994. Foreign Policy Restructuring and the Myriad Webs of Restraint: Some Conceptual and Theoretical Issues. In Hagan, Sampson, Rosati (eds.), Foreign Policy Restructuring: How Governments Respond to Global Change. Columbia: University of South Carolina Press.

            Schwarz, John E., Thomas J. Volgy. 1993. One-Fourth of the Nation: Above the Poverty Line--But Poor. The Nation, February 15, 1993.

            Schwarz, John E., Thomas J. Volgy. 1992. Out of Line. The New Republic. November 23.

            Schwarz, John E., Thomas J. Volgy. 1992. How Economic Development Succeeds and Fails at the Same Time. Governing, November.

            Schwarz, John E., Thomas J. Volgy. 1992. Social Support for Self-Reliance. The American Prospect, Spring.

            Volgy, Thomas J., John E. Schwarz. 1991. Does Politics Stop at the Water’s Edge? Domestic Political Factors and Foreign Policy Restructuring in the Cases of Great Britain, France, and West Germany. Journal of Politics, 53, 3.

            Schwarz, John E., Thomas J. Volgy. 1988. Experiments in Employment--A British Cure. Harvard Business Review, March/April.

            Volgy, Thomas J., John E. Schwarz, Hildy Gottlieb. 1986. The Quest for Resources: Feminist Activism and Electoral Success. Social Science Quarterly, March.

            Schwarz, John E., Thomas J. Volgy. 1985. The Myth of America’s Economic Decline. Harvard Business Review, September/October.

            Volgy, Thomas J. 1985. Municipally Operated Public Access: Balancing a Paradoxical Relationship. Community Television Review, 8, 3.

            Volgy, Thomas J., John E. Schwarz. 1984. Will the Real Participants Please Stand Up? Misreporting and Vicarious Participation at the Local Level. Public Opinion Quarterly, Winter.

            Volgy, Thomas J., Henry Kenski. 1982. Systems Theory and Foreign Policy Restructuring: Distance Change in Latin America, 1953-1970. International Studies Quarterly, September.

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            Hughes, Barry B., Thomas J. Volgy. 1970. Distance in Foreign Policy Behavior: A Comparative Study of Eastern Europe. Midwest Journal of Political Science, August.


Grants:          Principal investigator, USAID grant for Impartial Oversight and Strategic Guidance on Privatization Process in Central Asia, awarded November 1995 through 1997 (consortium award for $7 million; U of A share $500,000)


Academic Professional Activities

            Editorial Board:  International Studies Quarterly

                                        International Studies Review

                                        International Studies Perspectives

                                        Journal of International Relations and Development   

            Manuscript reviewer for:

                        Houghton Mifflin, MacMillan, W.W. Norton, Prentice Hall

                        Social Science Quarterly

                        American Political Science Review

                        Journal of Conflict Resolution

                        Journal of Politics

                        International Organization

                        American Politics Quarterly

                        Western Political Quarterly


                        School of International Relations, University of Denver Monograph Series

            Project reviewer:  National Science Foundation

            Contributor:  International Organization Data Archives, Indiana University

            Contributor and Panel Chair:

                        International Studies Association

                        Midwest Political Science Association

                        Southwestern Social Science Association

                        Western Political Science Association

                        American Political Science Association

                        International Congress of Political Psychology

                        International Political Science Association

                        Central and Eastern European Studies Association

            Board of Advisors, Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems


Teaching Areas:

            Graduate level:  International Politics Survey Seminar

                                      Research seminars


            Undergraduate level:   Theories of International Relations

                                                 Contemporary International Politics

                                                 Mass Media and Politics

                                                 Comparative Foreign Policy Analysis

                                                 Problems of World Order

                                                 Mass Media and Politics

                                                 International Organizations and Structures



Political/Community Activities

            Democratic Candidate for Congress, 1998

Mayor, City of Tucson, 1987-1991

            Tucson City Council, 1977-1987

            Chair, Pima Association of Governments, 1990

            Board of Directors, National League of Cities, 1989-1991

            Chair, Telecommunications Committee, U.S. Conference of Mayors, 1988-1991

            Chair, Pima County Economic Development Council, 1989

            Vice-Chair, Greater Tucson Economic Council, 1990-1991

            Chair, Transportation Committee, National League of Cities, 1986, 1988

            National League of Cities Task Force on Telecommunications, 1984

            National League of Cities Municipal Bonds Task Force, 1985

            Pima Association of Governments, 1985-1991

            Arizona Leadership Council, 1991

            Governor’s Airport Development Task Force, 1991

            Governor’s Urban Lands Task Force, 1979

            Governor’s Urban Lands Advisory Committee, 1982

            Governor’s Airspace Utilization Committee, 1982-1991

            Governor’s Task Force on Women and Poverty, 1986

            Executive Committee, League of Arizona Cities and Towns, 1988-1991

            Delegate, Democratic National Convention, 1984, 1992

            Pima County Democratic Party Executive Committee, 1984-1992

            City of Tucson Charter Advisory Commission, 2001

            Board member of the following organizations:

                        Tucson Urban League

                        Ododo Theater

                        Tucson Cable Corporation

                        Human Services Coordinating Council

                        United Way SAC

                        Traveler’s Aid

                        Southern Arizona Mental Health Center

                        Southern Arizona Red Cross

                        Arizona Center for Economic Conversion 1992--95

                        National Federation of Local Cable Programmers

                        State of Arizona ACLU 1993-95

                        State of Arizona Common Cause 1993--

                        Tucson Youth Center 1994--

                        Southern Arizona Housing Center 1993--

                        Community Partnership of Southern Arizona 1995—98

                        Pima Council on Aging, 1999—2004

                        Arizona League of Conservation Voters, 2000—2003

                        Citizen Action, 2000-

                        Neighborhood Coalition of Greater Tucson, 2002—

                        Tucson Arts District, 2003--