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Follow this lesson plan for the in-class portion of the activity

1) Do not tell the students anything about the text yet. Have students first look at the text. Ask them the following questions.


                              What part do you understand in the song? What part do you not understand? Why?

                              What words do you understand in the bottom half? Underline them.

                              What is the theme? What do you think the mood is?

                              Who would you sing this song to?

                               Do you see any patterns in the top half and the bottom half of the song?

                               What do you think Manasqetay means? What language, can you guess?


2) Watch the music video and it all is put into context. Ask students to write as many traits that distinguish the Native American from the general Hispanics. They should infer; clothing, language, customs.


What is the difference in the colonization of North America vs. Latin America?