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El Inca

Read through the PowerPoint that is accompanied. As you read the history, you will notice the past imperfect tense and past preterit tenses that are textually enhanced. The content of this PowerPoint gives you background information for understanding the political motivations of indigenous websites which you will analyze later.




Paso 1

In Class

1.) First present the PowerPoint in class with the provided worksheets, students do the fill in the blank items on the worksheet. But must turn it over when done, and before the first transition.

2.) At slide 17, have students work with a partner discussing why the Spanish treated the revolutionary Tupác Amaru the way they did. Have them share with the class in a class discussion.

3.)  Go to the last slide and have students do the worksheet putting the story back in chronological order.

PowerPoint will be emailed.
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Paso 2

Out of Class

Research the following indigenous organizations, find their websites, and find their motivations. Are these groups suspenseful? Look for expressions, positions, and perspectives that natives have made of these organizations anywhere you can find on the internet, such as on a forum on YouTube. Analyze and post your findings on the Blog.

Two big indigenous organizations in Peru ad Ecuador

Asociación Interétnica de Desarrollo de la Selva Peruana

La Confederación de Nacionalidades Indígenas del Ecuador