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got magic?

I got into close-up magic back in 2010. Before that time I did temporary work as a waiter. The money was okay, but I was stuck in the most dull routine and I wanted out. My situation changed when I met another waiter who preformed magic for his customers. As I watched, I was amazed how magic can create a fun atmosphere and happy memories. I tried restaurant magic to make a dull job more pleasant, and I have loved it ever since. I still preform. Its a fun way to entertain friends, families, children, and surprise strangers. I find the spectator reaction more entertaining than the trick itself. From experience, I am learning that magic is not so much about doing tricks. It is about the performance of trick. That is, how it is communicated to a particular audience in a given context.

Below are a few online suppliers that I would recommend for a beginner.
This is a good resource to start, it is a great site for kids and beginners. The best thing about this site is the performance videos. You can watch these, get familiar with the illusion, and either place an order or somewhere cheaper.
This site is probably the most popular site that is up-to-date in the world of close-up magic. It provides the newest illusions from the popular innovative close-up magicians. Their is also plenty of customer feedback on each illusion. You can read these before you decide to purchase. Prices here are generally the lowest and customer service is very good. This is a great site for close-up magicians who want to focus on card magic, metal bending and bizarre illusions. Some of these illusions are very expensive.