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Teacher Resources


I am gathering links, documents and extra materials that would be helpful to a Second Language Instructor. These are grouped into several categories below. These categories are links which lead to other webpages where more information is provided.

Review of useful Online Applications for
second language instructors

I will be adding to this as I work on my degree 

Rubric to evaluate the Geocaching
game as an educational activity in
second language learning

NOTE: This is the LRC 430/530 Rubric Assignment

Materials Design

This category will continue to develop
as I learn more on Materials Design

Research Project

The full text of my research project for LRC 430/530 will not be made public at this time.
 However, my research proposal abstract, a few article summaries used in my literature review (annotated bibliography) and measurement tools are provided below.

Research Proposal Abstract
and Annotated Bibliography

Tools for Assessing intercultural
competence in L2 student blogs