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Hi! I'm Duke. I'm a Norwegian Elkhound. I am  12 years old and I live in Tucson, AZ with Val and Mike Thompson. These pictures show me having fun competing in the sport of  agility.  Agility is a really fun sport for dogs.  We get to jump, climb, and run through tunnels.   Val took me to an agility class a few years ago and I loved it!  We've been hooked ever since.  Val's even got my brother, Buddy, and sister, Aspen, doing agility.  At home I have my own agility field where we practice two or three times a week. I also get to go to class once a week. I get treats every time I do the lessons the way Val wants me to, so you can be sure that I try really, really hard.  Sometimes we get to go to agility trials where we compete against other teams. My mom and I are a great team! Sometimes we win ribbons. And if we win enough ribbons, I get to add letters after my name. I don't know what they mean, but they make my mom proud of me so they must be good. Click here to see more pictures of  me in action.

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Howdy! I'm Duke's brother, Buddy. I'm an 12-year-old shepherd/retriever mix. Duke and I were both adopted from The Humane Society of Southern Arizona. Val and Mike adopted Duke so that I would have someone to play with.  Val has taught me agility, too. I am semi-retired from agility now. I still go out in the yard to play agility at home. And once in a while, I go to a show and compete in a game with just tunnels. That is really fun. I get to run fast and sometimes I win ribbons, too. Click here to see more pictures of me.

portrait2.jpg (26621 bytes) We also have a sister named Aspen.  Here is a picture of us.  Aspen is the one in front.  She didn't know how to hold still so Val had to hold her while we showed how good we are at our stays. Val and Mike adopted her from someone in Colorado who wasn't able to keep her any more.  They think she's the sweetest dog on earth, but we think she is a pest.  She butts her way into everything and even steals toys from Buddy.   She is fun to play with though.  We can all three really get a good game of chase going in the backyard.  Val takes Aspen to agility classes and trials, too. She is pretty good, but she likes the classes better than the trials.  Click here to see more pictures of Aspen.



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