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My name is Ben Pearson. I am a recent graduate of Central Arizona College (CAC) with an Associate of Science. While I was there I was given an award for being the outstanding mathematics student of the over 1000 students enrolled at CAC. While I was at CAC, I was a tutor in mathematics, and I was given an award for that as well, for being the best tutor at CAC. I am currently a junior at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona. I anticipating graduating from there with a BS degree, majoring in Electrical Engineering, and then pursuing a masters, and probably doctorates degree.

Throughout my life I have had a strong interest in Computers, science, astronomy, and mathematics. When I was a young kind, I loved to read. However, unlike many my age, I loved to read non-fiction. I would check out book after book to learn about the universe, my largest interest as a young child and still to this day what I love to study the most. In recent years I have continued this study. In addition to studying about planets, starts, comets, and other stellar bodies, I have also studied a great deal about the theory of relativity, quantum mechanics, and many other things that you don't find many teenagers willing to study. In my studies of space and physics, I came up with a new idea, one that intrigued me, using nuclear reactors for space travel. I loved this idea, and undertook to study as much about this as possible.

My interest in Orion began as I first learned of it off of a internet club. At first I was completely amazed that anyone would consider such a thing. However, I gradually began to be accepting of it, but I still had a few questions. During the start of my fall term at Central Arizona College, I was asked to do a large project for my honor's class. I was struggling to come up with an idea, when it hit me, figure out the answer to the questions I still had with Orion. I went on to complete probably the first research on Electromagnetic Pulse with reference to Project Orion. My project has been presented to my honors class, several faculty of Central Arizona College, and at the Western Region Honor's Council. All who heard me present had extremely kind words to say about the research I had undertaken.

Many people who have met me have had alot to say. These are some of the more common things I hear, but I must say this, they aren't all true. But they do have some basis in reality, nonetheless "Ben, you are one of the most brilliant people I have met for as young as you are," "What is this guy, some kind of a Vulcan? All he needs is the ears," "You mean, you don't know everything? Could have fooled me..." Well, I could go on, but that's enough I think. Anyone who knows me from RL, if you'd like to add on to the list, then just email me at

If you would like to contact me to help with any kind of research or hire me or give me scholarships or grants so that I might continue my education or whatever else you might, the contact me at . I'm in need of money for college, right now I can barely afford to pay my rent, and I'm almost down to living off of Raman, and I'm looking to be flat broke in about a month, so if you have interest in space and the means to help me, I'd really appreciate it!