Electromagnetic Pulse Shockwaves

as a result of

Nuclear Pulse Propulsion

By Ben Pearson

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This website is for information relating to my study of electromagnetic pulse shockwaves coming from an Orion spacecraft. Feel free to click on one of the links to the left to learn more. Note, you have permission to use all of the pictures in the download section for whatever you wish, but everything else is copyrighted, and falls under such laws as expressed in the United States of America, namely that you may copy small segments or paraphrase things, but if you are copying large segments or the entire paper you must have my permission. I'm willing to let others use it, but I want to know where it's going. If you would like to contact me in reference to copying some of my pages or for whatever other reason, my email is tuvas@email.arizona.edu .


Soon to come, a FAQ, I've had some questions so many times that I just want to get them all placed in one convenient point. I might even make a few updates to this site, perhaps. Oh, I've also finally posted the HTML versions of my paper, both long and short. Enjoy!