In conclusion, cloning is unsafe at this time because the complete list of defects can not be accounted for. The sacrifice impact of countless children to death and physical abnormalities, as well as mental illness,  can not be played out for the sake of science. Experts say that cloning humans in the near future is not safe because : “It seems that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing and the authors( other scientists) have allowed themselves to over-interpret their findings,” said Ian Wilmut. This is a science that can not be rushed into, because the consequence is paid with a lifetime of grief for a defective child. The question still stands: “who will be responsible for the children born with cloning side effects; who will be held accountable?” ( Topic Index). Of course it will be people like you and me. But humanity would never be able to compensate for the loneliness that these cloned children would feel. There would be forced to being born and live a life that frankly, they would hate.
The failure rate of cloning is high and the determination of defects in organisms by gene expression cannot be regulated.

“Apparently normal clones have an abnormal regulation of many genes,” added Wilmot ( Topic Index).
It is this unregulated gene activity that should caution scientists to reconsider the procedures and plans that they have for cloning. The alteration of one gene could be the determining factor regarding the baby with three heads that could have had just one.
    No scientist can be certain what the results of a cloning experiment will be. In their research, the clones seem to be normal and healthy, but as time has shown, the science is beginning to show more and more clones with developing health problems. Rudolf Jaenisch adds that:
“At the present, there is no way to predict whether a given clone will develop into a normal or abnormal individual,” (Topics Index).
It is this ambiguity of the final outcome in animal experiments that suggest that these problems are a possibility in a human cloning experiment.  Great names in the genetics field say that cloning humans with the knowledge the science community has currently, will only result in disaster. That is the risk that some will take, but it is one that is wrong, because we will lose the meaning of life, and people will become nothing more than cells and tissue, which can readily be duplicated and used. If you screw up, you can just throw it away and start over, right? Think twice because that garbage can is full of screaming babies that have three heads.