Sagoli, Hello!

Welcome to an Oneida Language website.  My name is Tracy Williams in English.  I have been studying  my language through speaking with Elders in Oneida, Wisconsin and on the Oneida Reserve in Southwold, Ontario, Canada.  I also study my language using descriptive linguistics.  I am a doctoral student at the University of Arizona in the
Department of Language, Reading and Culture.  Being a second language learner of Oneida as an adult, I realized the need to have various mediums of instruction.
I am a beginner speaker of my language.  I learned to speak by imitating my Laksohtashuha ok'khale Ahksohtashuha (my Grandfathers and Grandmothers).  I learned to study my language linguistically with the help of Drs. Akira Yamamoto, Ofelia Zepeda, Mary Ann Willie, Richard Demers.  I am designing this website to offer yet another way to learn Oneida Language.  There are approximately 125 speakers of Oneida left in the world.  Due to the severity of language shift and language loss, I want to use technology as a tool to teach the language.  Computers are in homes, schools and community centers.  I believe technology could be used to help reverse language shift.  Additional Oneida Language websites can be found:  Oneida Nation
Kahutokt ni yukyats
At the edge of the field     is my name
^khelihunyanihe ok'khale ^khenikuhla latiksa'shuha
                  I will teach them     and    I will take care of their minds, the children
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Final Project, LRC560 Video Clips
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