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The Physiology Honors Academy is dedicated to promoting graduation from the Honors College for Physiology students at the U of A. The Physiology Honors Academy is overseen by the Student Advisory Committee, a team of mentors composed of current Physiology Honors students at various stages of the Honors process. We are guided by Dr. Cindy Rankin of the Department of Physiology. Our services include offering an easily accessible Research Database, Peer Mentoring, Social Events, and Research “Matchmaking” events multiple times each year. In Spring 2011, we plan to offer an Physiology Honors Colloquium course to educate Freshman and Sophomore Physiology Honors students about the Honors process, including an in-depth look at writing the Honors Thesis and finding research opportunities.

If you have any questions about the Physiology Honors Academy, the Honors process, finding research opportunities, interest in joining our group, or anything else you feel we can help you with, visit us at our weekly Office Hours (hosted by the Student Advisory Committee) or please email us at psiohonorsacademy@gmail.com to set up an appointment with us. You can also email our President, Steph Zankman, at szankman@email.arizona.edu or email any of our other Student Advisors whose emails are available on their respective biography pages.

PSIO Honors Office Hours:

Gittings 106

Spring 2011- Wednesdays and Thursdays from 12:30-2pm


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