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JCAHO surveyor Humble; Administration
Dr Aikenhead Allergy
Dr Mistry; Dr Brick Wall.; Dr Ether.; Dr Tranquilli (veterinary), Dr Comfort Anesthesiology
Dr Truluck, Dr Love; Dr Fix; Dr Hart, Dr Valentine, Dr Everhart, Dr Safety R. First Cardiologists
Dr Gentle, Dr Popwell; Dr Wack; Dr Handler; The Drs. Mash, Dr Bonebrake, Dr Butcher, Dr Bones, Dr Bender Chiropractors
B. Odor Colon Hydrotherpist
Jeff Middleton, c2000
Dr Pain at Work
Dr Pullen; Dr Fillmore, Dr Mangle, Dr Ken Hurt, Dr B. Sick, Dr Watamaniuk (what a maniac), Dr Lipp; Dr Carey, Dr Nervo, Dr Pulley.; Dr Hurt, Dr Brilliant; Dr Ohno, Dr Sweet, Dr Crownover, Dr Yankum, Dr Mantooth, Dr Les Plack, Dr J.A.W.; Dr Swallow, Dr Fang, the 3 Drs. Dent (Trident).; Dr De Kay, Dr Holler, Dr Au, Dr Chew, Dr Hurtt, Drs. Toothman, Dr Borer; Dr Lips, Dr Cudd, Dr Pick, Dr Pullman, Dr Filler, Dr Fear, Dr Rensch (pronounced wrench), Dr Pick, Dr Tusk, Dr Drewel (pronounced "drool"), Dr Tucek (2thChk), Dr Chu, Dr Shugar, Dr Pic, Dr Pang, Dr Butcher, Dr Harm, Dr Hurter, Dr Toothaker, Dr Lynch, Dr Root, Dr Nasti, Dr Paine/Payne/Pain (15 entries but notably Dr Daryl B Payne = "There Will Be Pain"), Dr Smiley (2), Dr Schotz, Dr Hale (pronounced "hell" in southern), Dr Bliss, Dr Lancit, Dr Gager, Dr Eke Dentists, Endodontists and Orthodontists
Dr Spot; Dr Rash, Dr Cheek; Dr Frye (burn specialist), Dr Tanner, Dr Pitts, Dr Skinner, Dr Whitehead Dermatologists
Dr Klotz (Clots); Dr Wax Ear, Nose and Throat
Dr Pulse, Dr Borer; Dr Cure, Dr Gore Emergency Medicine
Dr Samkoff (pronounced "cough"), Dr Nurse Epidemiologist/Infections
Dr Kwak; Dr Killer, Dr Yau ("yeow"); Dr Blood, Dr Coffin, Dr Patient, Dr Payne, Dr Slaughter, Dr Superdock (2), Dr Organist, Dr B. Sick, Dr V. Boddy (pronounced body, "bawdy"), Dr Stasick (pronouced stay sick); Dr A. Sickman, Dr Grossman, Dr Deadman, Dr Will Griever, Dr Pulse; Dr.Ill (ill), Dr Uhren, Dr Doctor, Dr Kilgore, Dr Pepper, Dr Howard Hertz (pronounced HOW-it HERtZ), Dr Gutman Family Practice, Internists
Dr Trepman Foot and Ankle Specialist
Dr Ram, Dr Grunt; Dr Heine, Dr Puppala (pronounced Poop-a-la), Dr Butt, Dr Brown Gastroenterologists
Dr Hand; Dr Palmer, Dr Nalebuff, Dr Watchmaker Hand Surgeons
Rita Book Medical librarian
Dr Johnathan Treat Paine; Dr Foley; Dr Megahead; Dr Brain, Dr Head Neurologist
Nurse Good; Nurse Hacker, Nurse Splean; Nurse Payne, Nurse Nurse Nurses
More nursing humor
Dr Wiwi; Dr Blessing (FP with OB sideline), Dr Ono; Dr Risk, Dr Fear, Dr Yell, Dr Lecher, Dr Dibble, Dr Fillerup (as in fill-her-up), Dr Hyman, Dr C. Surgeon, Dr Risk, Dr Beavers, Dr Polke, Dr Jamm, Dr Boddy (pronounced body, "bawdy"); Dr Dildy; Dr Cherry, Dr Love (many Loves, especially the partnership Drs. Love and Nerness), Dr B. Savage, Dr Dickman, Dr Pillow, Dr Fear; Dr Fingerhut.; Dr Popp, Dr Spoon, Dr Hyman, Dr Bush, Dr Kuntz, Dr Pap, Dr Storck, Dr Kum, Dr Semen, Dr In Hur, Dr Hatch.; Dr Heinie.; Dr Bunn, Dr Wiwi, Dr Dick, Dr Grab, Dr Catching, Dr Gass, Dr Handwerker, Dr Born, Dr Angel, Dr Sunshine, Dr Fagnant, Dr Hatcher, Dr Hooker, Dr Finger, Dr Cocks, Dr Nippel, Dr Lipps, Dr Payne, Dr Beaver (3), Dr Biggerstaff OB/Gyn
Jeff Middleton, c2000
Dr Bones takes a look
Dr Lukes (Leukemia specialist); Dr Groth, Dr Needles Oncologist
Dr Finger, Dr T. C. Moore.; Dr Peek; Dr Glass, Dr See, Dr Seymour Landa Optometrist
Dr Plaster, Dr Crick, Dr Strain; Dr Joyner, Dr Bone (2), Dr Hand, Dr Lachinet (pronounced Lock- knee), Dr Doctor Orthopedics
Dr Neupane, Dr Pain, Dr Ow Pain Management
Dr Donald Duckles, Dr B. Softness; Dr Luke Whitesell (Pediatric hematology/oncology).; Dr Childs, Dr Jelley; Dr Small, Dr Jolly; Dr Smart, Dr Blatter, Dr Bunny, Dr Tickles, Dr Elfman, Dr Sno White, Dr Toy, Dr Kidd (4 so far) Pediatricians
Dr Shouey, Dr Hopper; Dr Shu, Dr Splettstoesser (pronounced Splits-toesser), Dr Korn; Dr Foote, Dr Cornfield, Dr Shoemaker, Dr Smellsey, Dr Tozzi (toe-sie), Dr Toback (Toe-back), Dr Footer Podiatrists
Dr Polymeropoulos Polymorphism
Dr Alter, Dr Reckless, Dr Bjerk; Dr Brain, Dr Strange, Dr Savage, Dr Wisdom; Dr Dippy, Dr Moodie, Dr Nutter, Dr Nutt; Dr Bummer, Dr Looney, Dr Crabb, Dr Dement, Dr Weiner Jeff Middleton, c2000
Dr Strange enjoys his work
Psychiatrists/Psychologists/Mental health
Dr Kaufman; Dr Bonebrake Pulmonary Medicine
Dr Myracle; Dr Albright, Dr Call, Dr Hunter.; Dr Vu Radiologist
Dr Pipe, Dr Breidin Respiratory and Smoking Medicine
Dr Hackman, Dr Blades, Dr Klutts; Dr Gore, Dr Gutman; Dr Bour, Dr Truluck, Dr Stopp (specialist in vasectomy), Dr Posthuma, Dr Seo (pronounced, "sew"), Dr Creasman (plastic surgeon), Dr Hacker; Dr Tackett, Dr Knott, Dr Payne, Dr Killam, Dr Organ, Dr Graves, Dr Cutts, Dr Slaughter (3), Dr Kutteroff, Dr Doctor, Dr Butcher, Dr.Hurt, Dr Mes, Dr Rush Surgeons
Dr Weiner, Dr P.P. Porch, Mr. Waterfall (British urological surgeon); Dr Stoneburner, Dr Cockett, Dr Blank (specialist in infertility), Dr Peter Poor, Dr Manzone; Dr Swallow, Dr Streem, Dr Waterhouse, Dr Newman, Dr Insoft; Dr Alter (plastic surgeon and urolgist) Dr Slocum, Dr Peter Fischer; Dr Rainwater, Dr Headstream, Dr Cockburn, Dr Peters, Dr Dick (2), Dr Spear, Dr Liquornik, Dr Butts, Dr Dick Chopp, Dr Dick Tapper, Dr Dick Finder, Dr Waters, Dr Hurt, Dr Gehrkin, Dr P. Philip (P.P.), Dr Splatt, Dr.Wong, Dr Whang, Dr Stone Urologists / Proctologists
Dr Fish, Dr Pett; Dr Doolittle, Dr Shepard; Dr Cooney (veterinarian with MS in raccoon parasitology), Dr Butcher, Dr Render, Dr Basset, Dr Katz (2), Dr Hogg, Dr Fox, Dr Parrott, Dr Barksdale; Dr Bowser (submitted 8 times!), Dr Howell, Dr Woof, Dr Leash, Dr Barker, Dr Wagy (waggy), Dr Nay, Dr Wolff, Dr Lyons Veterinarians


Here are examples of nominative determinism (also onomastic determinism), aptonyms, aptronyms (from Franklin P. Adams), Perfect Fit Last Names (PFLNs), Jobonymns (copyright C. M. Laird), psychonymics, comiconnomenclaturists and classically nomen omen or onoma ornis.

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