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(FILE) Tensegrity Blocks
 (IMG) Four- and Three-Sided Blocks, deployed (85K)
 (IMG) Four- and Three-Sided Blocks, stowed (56K)
(HTML) Tensegrity Block Parabolic Dome on 3D Warehouse
(FILE) Design Updates
 (IMG) Self-deployable octahedra (24K)
 (IMG) Close-up, pantegrity octa (19K)
 (IMG) Foldable pantegrity octet truss (75K)
 (IMG) Tim Tyler's compression ring (46K)
 (IMG) Emilio Pérez Piñero (1935-1972) and his pantographic dome (26K) 
 (IMG) Piñero's pantograph (101K)
(FILE) Refer also to my homepage update file for patent notes.
(HTML) Self-Deployable Hexagonal Tensegrity Block Parabolic Dome in 3D Warehouse 
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