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Staff Directory

Subject Specialists

Subject Librarians
Accounting Laura Carscaddon
Aerospace Engineering Douglas Jones
Africana Studies (African American and African) Joseph Diaz
Agricultural Education Kimberly Chapman
Agriculture Douglas Jones
Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering Douglas Jones
Agriculture and Resource Economics Douglas Jones
American Indian Studies Sara Heitshu
Anatomy Ricardo Andrade
Animal Science Ricardo Andrade
Anthropology Subject specialist not selected.
Anthropology & Archaeology Sara Heitshu
Aquaculture Raik Zaghloul
Archaeology (Classical) Jill Newby
Architecture (Planning & Landscape) Paula Wolfe
Art Paula Wolfe
Art and Art History Paula Wolfe
Astronomy Maliaca Oxnam
Atmospheric Sciences Raik Zaghloul
Biochemistry Jim Martin
Biological Sciences Raik Zaghloul
Botany Jim Martin
Bridge Engineering Maliaca Oxnam
Building Construction and Operation Maliaca Oxnam
Business Laura Carscaddon
Chemical Engineering Jim Martin
Chemistry Jim Martin
Children's Literature Louise Greenfield
Chinese Studies Ping Situ
Civil Engineering Maliaca Oxnam
Classics and Classical Archaeology Jill Newby
Climatology and Meteorology Raik Zaghloul
Communication Jennalyn Tellman
Computer Engineering Maliaca Oxnam
Computer Science Ricardo Andrade
Creative Writing Jill Newby
Critical Languages Subject specialist not selected.
Dance Joseph Diaz
East Asian Studies Hitoshi Kamada, Ping Situ
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Raik Zaghloul
Economics Laura Carscaddon
Education Louise Greenfield
Electrical Engineering Maliaca Oxnam
Engineering (General) Maliaca Oxnam
English Composition Yvonne Mery, Vicki Mills, Leslie Sult
English Language Literature Jill Newby
Entomology Kimberly Chapman
Environment Douglas Jones
Environmental Technology and Engineering Douglas Jones
Family and Consumer Resources Kimberly Chapman
Finance Laura Carscaddon
Fisheries Raik Zaghloul
Forestry Raik Zaghloul
French Studies Raik Zaghloul
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Studies Mary Feeney
General Science Douglas Jones
Geography Christine Kollen
Geology Raik Zaghloul
Geophysics Raik Zaghloul
Geosciences Raik Zaghloul
German Studies Raik Zaghloul
Gerontology Jennalyn Tellman
Government Documents Atifa Rawan
Handicrafts Kimberly Chapman
Health Kimberly Chapman
Highway Engineering Maliaca Oxnam
History Jennalyn Tellman
Home Economics Kimberly Chapman
Hydraulic Engineering Douglas Jones
Hydrology/Water Douglas Jones
Industrial Engineering Raik Zaghloul
Italian Studies Raik Zaghloul
Japanese Studies Hitoshi Kamada
Journalism Mary Feeney
Judaic Studies Louise Greenfield
Latin American Studies Joseph Diaz
Law Atifa Rawan
Library and Information Science Mary Feeney
Linguistics Sara Heitshu
Management and Policy Laura Carscaddon
Management Information Systems (MIS) Laura Carscaddon
Marketing Laura Carscaddon
Materials Science Raik Zaghloul
Mathematics and Statistics Jim Martin
Mechanical Engineering Raik Zaghloul
Media Arts and Film Raik Zaghloul
Medicine and Health Kimberly Chapman
Metallurgy Maliaca Oxnam
Mexican American Studies Joseph Diaz
Microbiology Ricardo Andrade
Middle Eastern Studies Atifa Rawan
Military Engineering/Science Raik Zaghloul
Mining Maliaca Oxnam
Molecular and Cell Biology Raik Zaghloul
Music Joseph Diaz
Natural Resources Raik Zaghloul
Naval Engineering/Science Raik Zaghloul
Neurobiology Raik Zaghloul
Neuroscience Raik Zaghloul
Nutrition and Food Kimberly Chapman
Oceanography Douglas Jones
Optical Science Maliaca Oxnam
Optics Maliaca Oxnam
Packaging Raik Zaghloul
Paleontology Raik Zaghloul
Patents Maliaca Oxnam
Philosophy Louise Greenfield
Photography Paula Wolfe
Photography (Scientific Aspects) Raik Zaghloul
Physical Geography/Geomorphology Douglas Jones
Physics Raik Zaghloul
Physiology Subject specialist not selected.
Planetary Sciences Raik Zaghloul
Planning Christine Kollen
Plant Sciences Jim Martin
Plasma Engineering Raik Zaghloul
Political Science Atifa Rawan
Political Science and Government Atifa Rawan
Psychology Christine Kollen, Jennalyn Tellman
Public Administration and Policy Atifa Rawan
Railroad Engineering Subject specialist not selected.
Religious Studies Louise Greenfield
Rhetoric and Composition Vicki Mills, Jill Newby
Russian and Slavic Studies Raik Zaghloul
Second Language Acquisition and Teaching Sara Heitshu
Sociology Mary Feeney
Sociology and Social Work Subject specialist not selected.
Soils Douglas Jones
Spanish and Portuguese Ping Situ
Speech and Hearing Ricardo Andrade
Systems and Industrial Engineering Raik Zaghloul
Technical Reports Maliaca Oxnam
Technology (General) Maliaca Oxnam
Theater Arts and Drama Joseph Diaz
Trademarks Maliaca Oxnam
Tree Ring Research Subject specialist not selected.
U.S. Government Documents Atifa Rawan
Veterinary Science and Microbiology Ricardo Andrade
Water Douglas Jones
Wildlife Management Raik Zaghloul
Women's Studies Mary Feeney
Zoology Raik Zaghloul