Gopher-like Menu
 (IMG) 0) Top Hexagon
 (IMG) 1) First-level Hexagons (six copies)
 (IMG) 2.1) Second-level Hexagons, middle (six copies)
 (IMG) 2.2) Second-level Hexagons, end (six copies)
 (IMG) 3.1) Third-level Hexagons, left middle (six copies)
 (IMG) 3.2) Third-level Hexagons, right middle (six copies; mirror of the above)
 (IMG) 3.3) Third-level Hexagons, end (six copies; the dome's "feet")

 (IMG) Completed model
 (IMG) another view

Intructions: working from the top hexagon (which may be left out of
the model), assemble the hexagons by level downward.  Note that an
arrow on each template shows the orientation of the hexagons relative
to the top of the model.  The assembled model is a little less than a
yard in diameter, and about 9" tall.

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