As you can probably tell, I have just a bit of contempt for the Web,
perhaps due to the fact that I was raised in Minnesota and have my
loyalties concerning anything from the Gopher State.  It may be you
don't exactly share my opinion, but that's OK.  To each their own.
You don't have to tell me about it.

However, if you must say something, here is a link you can use:
Positive mail always appreciated!

Brief anonymous comments may be left here.

Here's what you've said!

From anonymous at Thanks for your great homepage. I've been here before but forgot its location. It's great for us here at AzTec. I appreciate your effort! Again, Thanks!!!! From anonymous at Your pages SUCK!!!!YOU LOSER! From I found your page informative and easy to use. It certainly beats navigating through screen after screen of [IMAGE] and [BEAUTIFUL PICTURE HERE]. Even as a babe-in-the-woods net surfer, I can appreciate your point about Gopher vs. WWW. From Because I have a 21" monitor, a T1 connection, and a user of Netscape, I can't say I'm thrilled by your mantra to "lose graphics and kill all oafish users," (maybe I distort your words), but I do agree that commercialism and the gigantic growth in popularity of the web that has occurred in recent years has surely made it seem less welcoming to those who were there when it was just a small community of Commodore 64s using 3270 emulation to connect to some backwater univeristy or military server. From I was raised in Minnesota, and can't say that has any remote bearing on me choosing Web or Gopher, or vice versa. *grin* Maybe it's because I was raised too far from the cities... From Subject: Your page was great Mr.Hunter; I found your home page good enough to bookmark. From I did check [your site] out, and it looks interesting. I think there's something to be said for your contention that gopher offers many advantages over the typical web site implementation, and I admire your initiative in trying to make the point so forcefully. Only problem I noticed was extremely slow response time for your gopher materials--which I assume was a slow server and not a peculiarity of the gopher implementation. From anonymous at Hello, Mr. Hunter. Can you please tell me where the Bucky Fuller Virtual Institute has gone? Thanks
Since you responded anonymously through my form rather than the e-mail link, I can only hope you'll see this message here. The BFVI is under "Socially Responsible Gophers, etc."/"Comphrehensive Anticipatory Design Science." --sh

From Jim Perry at

I must say I don't appreciate all the advertisements that
spring up across the top of every Web Page I visit, but I
do like to see pictures sometimes.  That's cool that you use
the page to suit your own needs.  It's VERY convenient!  You're a cool guy,


OK, I found an ftp via gopher link at your site which works and
allows me to mail myself ftp files through the Aztec browser.
Thanks again.  Great site.

From anonymous at ??

No, most info is out of date & won't load. 3/3/99---
a TSGS member
Oh, c'mon! All the links I heavily use work. If you could give me just a *little* more information, maybe I could fix the ones you need. For instance, what is "TSGS?" ...and feel free to use my e-mail link over the form, if you can. --sh


Thanks for your informational website.  It is useful and concise, and
has almost all of the information I need.

From "Slick:"

I love gophers. They're fast...low kinda thang.
Like some of the women I'm seen with...


 "The Slick Show"
 Hot 98.3 FM/KOHT


I did quite a bit of cursing through your Gopher site. What a dense
pile of interesting stuff.  I felt compelled to add it to my
bookmarks. The advantages of Gopher are enhanced when the subject
headings are so compelling e.g. Who is Art Bell, The Coming Ice Age
and James Randi's page to name a few.  This, I'll have to come back

From anonymous at

Just thought you might be interested. The Gopher you show at is in actuality the first
official University of Minnesota Goldy mascot. It was drawn by artist
George Grooms circa 1940.

There may be copyright issues or there may not be. Still, it would be
nice if you'd attribute the image properly.

U of M Alumnus.

PS> Nice site. Pleasant change from all the visual noise on the web

Thanks for the complement. I put the attribution after the link here. Hope that suffices! --sh

From Steven at

Interesting Web Site trying to be a Gopher Hole.  Actually, I find it 
kind of neat.

So, why emulate The Gopher on The Web rather than just run your own 
Gopher?  I'm sure the explanation is logical and probably obvious, 
but I'm still curious.

Anyhow, adding it to my list of bookmarks.  Loads of good info here, 
excellent Web, hrm, Gopher Hole.  :-)

Thanks! I'd love to see the site mirrored in real gopher, but first I have to find somewhere that would let me do that. --sh

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