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(FILE) How to Draft a Geodesic Dome.
 (IMG) Dome drawing and derived templates. (99K)
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 (PDF) Design Science: A Framework for Change,  2007 by Dr. M. Ben-Eli
(FILE) 10 Principles for Comprehensive Anticipatory Design Leadership
(HTML) R. Buckminster Fuller centenary celebration at Ecomall.
(FILE) Geodesic dome manufacturers list.
(HTML) Synergetics Table of Contents
 (DIR) A Fuller Explanation
(HTML) Wong's MIT thesis
(FILE) Articles by Fuller, 1928-1989.
(FILE) Articles relating to the work of Fuller, 1903-1969.
(FILE) Articles relating to the work of Fuller, 1990-96.
(FILE) Articles relating to the work of Fuller, 1995, revised.
 (IMG) The amazing cuboctahedron. (4-view VE, 45K)
 (IMG) 50v IVM geodesic sphere, rendered by Jonathan B. Thompson. (204K)
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