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I am committed to inspire quality learning experiences, to build confidence, and to empower students with differing learning styles and needs to succeed. I am also committed to help students become a lifelong learner, able to function in a complex and diverse society.


Arizona Community College Life/Regular A.1.a. Teaching Certificate:
History - French, 1992
M.A. in Teaching: Inter-Departmental History, School of Education, Hebrew University,
Jerusalem. Teacher’s Certificate
B.A. majors: Inter-Departmental Course in History & History of the Jewish People; French
Judaism Studies, five years, Jerusalem, Israel
Languages - fluency: Hebrew, French, English (some Arabic, Latin, Spanish, Italian)

Some Courses

Research Applied to Education, Education 500, a 3 credit course
Principles of Curriculum Development, Education 542
Educational significance of teaching subject: History
Group practice according to subjects of instruction: History, French
Selected Problems in Teaching History
Selected Problems in Teaching the French Language
Behavioral Sciences: Educational Psychology
Theory of Education and Teaching

Professional Development/Special Training

Biannual conference: Lessons & Legacies of the Holocaust VII
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, Nov. 1-4, 2002 (grant)

International Conference on the Holocaust, Nov. 17-20 , 2000 at
Northwestern University (grant)

19th International Congress of Historical Sciences, University of Oslo, Norway (grant)
I presented a poster-paper: On the state of being Jewish

Lessons & Legacies of the Holocaust, Florida Atlantic University, Nov.6-9 ‘99 (grant)
Hate Crimes ‘Train-the-Trainer’ National Conference, U.S. Dept of Justice,.'98 (grant)

Selected among 25 others from all the U.S. to participate at the Summer Institute on The
Holocaust and Jewish Civilization, Northwestern University, 6/24-7/8 1998 (grant)

Faculty Development Symposium, May 30-June 2, 1995, The University of Arizona, Tucson

Working/Teaching Experience

Thirty years of teaching at the University/College level in Israel, France and the U.S: Hebrew,
History of the Jews, French, Western Civilization, The Holocaust

Adjunct faculty, the Holocaust, Pima Community College, Fall 1999-now;
I initiated the course

Adjunct faculty, French, History; Pima Community College, Spring 2000,
Fall 1990-Spr. 2000

Assistant-Director to Professor Robert Ariew, Foreign Language Teachers Institute,
University of Arizona. Responsible for coordinating and implementing a state-wide
program, together with university staff and state school superintendents,1988

Teaching Assistant, French and Italian Dept., Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, 1979-81.

Lecturer: Hebrew; History of Israel; University of Lyon II, 1975. Promotion: national search
by Israel universities. Offer of contract was renew for another year.

Supervisor of Hebrew classes in Jewish cultural centers, Lyon, France. Fall 1975 -Dec. 76
Promotion; national search. Offer of contract was renew for another year.

Superintendent of Adult Education, Teachers-Trainer at the national level, Israel.
Dealt with teachers and public from a multicultural background; allowed own discretion
on hiring and firing teachers, supervised them and trained them. Position which required
leadership qualities, and organizational and administrative talents. September 74 to Sept. 75
(promotion). Offer of contract was renew for another year.

Trained Hebrew teachers, national level, Israel
Ulpan Hebrew Teacher, Russian doctors, Israel, 1975.
Ulpan Hebrew Teacher in conjunction with Hebrew University, 1973-74

Professional Affiliation

Member of H-Judaic, H-Antisemitism, H-Holocaust
Member of the National Association of Professors of Hebrew (NAPH)


The Holocaust Education Foundation, for Lessons & Legacies VI, Nov. 17-20, 2000

The Norwegian Organizing Committee, all expenses to present a poster-paper, “On the State
of Being [Jewish]” at the 19th International Congress of Historical Sciences, Oslo

Pima Community College and Tucson Community Foundation, all expenses for
Lessons & Legacies of the Holocaust, V, Florida Atlantic University, Nov.6-9 ‘99

The Holocaust Education Foundation and Pima Community College, all expenses for The
Summer Institute on the Holocaust & Jewish Civilization; Ju 24-Jul 8 ‘98

U.S. Department of Justice, Hate Crimes Train-the-Trainer National Conference, Sept.'98

The American Chess Foundation, the United Way, & the Conquistadores, seed-money for
a three-years Chess programs for disadvantaged children in Tucson public schools

Israel Department of Education; to expand Hebrew learning opportunities with technology

Israel & France Dept. of Education, all expenses for Linguistics & French Institute in France


Bat-Ami Bar On and Shaked, Edith. “On the State of Being [Jewish] Between Orient and
Occident.” In Jewish Locations (to be published on March 2001)

The Holocaust, Edition 2000 - Educational guide with workbook: “Edith Shaked has created
a wonderful study guide that includes sections on the background and context of the
Holocaust, the Third Reich & Holocaust era, & the aftermath and Holocaust legacy.”

Reexamining the Wannsee Conference:
Jews in Islam - Tunisia
Editorial and Curriculum Report: Foreign Languages - A Must

Other Background/Community Involvement

1998 I initiated a Holocaust course at PCC and a Diversity and Harmony Certificate
Member of the Anti-Hate Task Force, Tucson and Pima County
Teachers’ Trainer at “An Educators’ Inservice Training on “Prejudice Reduction” - Tucson
Certificate of Appreciation, National Council for History Education (NCHE), 1993
Director of Push Pawns not Drugs, volunteer, Chess programs for disadvantaged children
Chosen to represent Israel at International Middle East Peace Conference; Hebrew University

Featured this past year and last year, in KUAT-TV Arizona Illustrated, speaking about the
importance of educational programs that increase understanding and appreciation of
diversity and equality in a democratic society.

Guest speaker at talk-show, KNST, on the importance of learning a 2nd language
Committee member, foreign language in high school
Member of Quality Education Organization