German Foreign Policy - Appeasement, 1933-39

Economic/domestic policy: public works-->employment Winning approval by propaganda Strength Through Joy
Foreign policy based on 2 dominant ideologies helping Nazi Party’s rise: racial purity & lebensraum. Goal: Nazified racist Europe=New Order: destroy Versailles Treaty; conquer, colonize east Europe, exploit inferiors by Aryan superior race. ‘33 G. quits League of Nations.
*Alliances 34 Fuehrer*nonaggression pact with Poland ‘35 draft, rearm; Saar returned *naval treaty with England
Aggressions unstopped --> war
31 Japan in Manchuria. 11/35 Italy invades Ethiopia -France, England neutral 3/36 Ger. in Ruhr, Rhineland 7/36-39 Spanish civil war
8/36 XI Olympic Games, Berlin; Jesse Owens, African-American athlete, undisputed hero winning 4 gold medals
‘36 *Rome-Berlin-Tokyo Axis. 37 Japan invades China
11/5/37 Hossbach/Fuhrer Conference: H’s Empire plan
3/38 Anschluss -Austria annexed to Reich; Sudetenland

9/38 Munich Agreement -appeasement policy for peace: Britain + France, fear of communism, agreed to that; Chamberlain British PM appeases H: peace in our times
Democracies’ weak response allowing H. to expand due to: 1. exhaustion from World War I; 2. Britain unprepared to war; 3. fear of Stalin/communist expansion
1/20/39 H. threatens Jews in Reichstag if war erupts
Feb. US Nazis rally in NY against Jews; swastika
Mar. Czechoslovakia invaded; Bohemia-Moravia protect.
May Pact of Steel - H. & Mussolini
H. to abolish Polish Corridor. Poland refused
*8/23 Nazi-Soviet Pact -Stalin agrees: H. invades Poland,
to divide Poland between Germany & Soviet Union