Rise of Hitler & Nazi party , 1918-Jan.33

*1919 A. Hitler joined German Worker’s party; leader
because of oratorical skills; changed name to NSDAP -the
*Nazi Party = National Socialist German Worker’s Party
Nazi symbol, twisted cross
Nazi party army ‘brown-shirts;’ leader: Ernst Rohm
*Mein Kampf=My struggle by Hitler when jailed in 1923
for 8 months, after the Beer Hall Putsch
A 1000-year Reich -
Hitler’s goal for racial empire
blamed for all evils: communism, Germany’s defeat
living space in for superior German race
entitled to take others’ lands
absolute leader to rebuild the German Reich
*Great Depression 1929:
NY stock exchange collapsed
-Propaganda - slogans at emotions to win masses/power:
anti-Versailles Treaty, anti-Bolshevik, antisemitic -Jews
caused humiliation, inflation, unemployment, instability
H. savior for: economic recovery, Germany’s proper place
1920-45 Hitler, nazi party’s totalitarian ideology
against Jews, democracy, & Christianity; appealed to all:
lower & middle class, industrialists against communism;
embittered veterans; romantic nationalists
; because:
Weimar republic was weak; communist revolution in air;
severe economic problems --> for radical political change
1930 election: Nazi party gets 18% vote, 2nd largest party
1932: belief by right-wing elite industrialists, military,
bureaucrats that Hitler will save from communist takeover
Jan 30, 1933: Hitler appointed by Hindenburg Chancellor