Political antisemitism

Germany: patchwork of independent regions
No Democracy tradition, Bismark unified by iron, blood
Autocratic & military values, up until World War I
2nd German Empire: Jewish emancipation in 1871
Antisemitism: modern secular scientific term for
Jew-hatred, coined in 1879 by Wilhem Marr
Political antisemitism: using Jew-hatred to gain votes
Jew-hatred to mobilize all classes, myth of wicked Jew =
platform of radical right parties
German conservatives:
liberalism opponents on
political right; used antisemitism to win masses
Adolf Stocker: Preacher founded antisemitic party, 1878
Karl Lueger: became mayor of Vienna using antisemitism
Rapid industrialization in late 19th c. Germany ----->
- nation leading industrial country in Europe
- Jews blamed, scapegoats for industrialization problems

Protocols of the Elders of Zion: famous forgery in
France, 1890s about myth of Jewish plot to control world
Nazis in the 1920s, exploited the Protocols against Jews

U.S.A 1913-1916: The lynching of Leo Frank
Henry Ford
brought the forgery in the U.S.