Modern Germany up to 1914. Racial nationalism 4

*Extreme racial nationalism: greatness, needs of nation
# liberalism, equality - seedbed of totalitarian nationalism
Modern antisemitism: social Darwinism, racial nationalism
people, nation; exclude Jews & non-Aryan
Romantic Volkish exalted folkway, pure national tradition
- idealization of the Middle Ages with Christian knights
- evoked image of mythical superior golden past
*Germany: racist nationalism expressed there
*Racism: discrimination based on race superiority
*Racial theorists: create theories that one race is superior
*R. Wagner: German composer, volkish racial nationalism
*Racialist volkish thinkers: German race purer & superior
intermarriage between races = contamination
Jews: international conspirators, to dominate the world
*German racial nationalists: Germans’ right to dominate
others & racially inferior Slavs, and to conquer
nazi term refers to non-Jewish Caucasian
*Superior is the ‘Aryan’ race, according to Gobineau
*National-racial considerations supplemented traditional
Christian anti-Judaism, in the 19th century
*Nationalism, racism, false racial theories =
modern German antisemitism
*Jews’s evil from genes:
indelibly stained & condemned