Jews in Modern Era. Antisemitism

Enlightenment. 17-18th cent. science & human nature
Swine. anti-Jewish caricatures in 18th century
Conversion to Christianity - passport of Jewish elite
to European culture & society

Industrial & French Revolution

Turning points in Jews’ socio-economic & legal status
Liberalism - polit. movt : equality, individual rights
Legal & civic equality of Jews - Emancipation =
Jews left ghetto; bankers, lawyers, entrepreneurs=
Jewish Western assimilated middle-class & proletariat
Ashkenazi: Jewry from Europe, speaks Yiddish
Christian anti-Judaism: irrational fear of outsiders
Hatred - myth: Jews cursed for rejecting Christ
deicide accusation; Jews have tails & horns - Devil
Christian children’s blood for rites; poison in well

Modern antisemitism: exclusive, racial nationalism
class antagonism from modern capitalism
Herbert Spencer:
Social Darwinist; fittest survives
Edouard Drummond: Jewish France 1886, best seller
Dreyfus: French Jewish officer falsely accused, 1894
Hassidism: joyful Jewish worship movement, 18th
Herzl: Austrian Jew founded Zionism; wrote in 1896
The Jewish State - best solution to the Jewish question
Eastern Europe: heartland European Jewish life in 20th