I. to 500 C.E. (Common Era) Ancient/Classical world:
polytheism, paganism, Christianity #monotheism, Judaism
II. 500-1350 Middle ages: Latin Christendom, feudalism,
manorialism -age of faith: religious/Christian antisemitism
Transition, 1350-1550: Renaissance, Reformation

III. Modern Times -ISM

16th-17th c: Secular states. Absolutism
Scientific revolution: heliocentric, Galileo, Newton
18th c. Enlightenment - Age of Reason: Rationalism
1. Industrial revolution: Industrial Capitalism
2. French revolution:
parties - Left Center Right
19th Liberalism #Conservatism (right)
Nationalism, romanticism
1850s: Social Darwinism. Racism; imperialism
Socialism; Marxism, Communism - left; extreme left