Religious Jew-hatred in Ancient Time & Middle Ages

4th cent. Christianity official religion of Roman Empire
Christian anti-Judaism=religious/Christian antisemitism
Deicide accusation. Jews killed Jesus; his death by Romans interpreted by Christians; legacy of crucifixion: religious Jew hatred based on false myth
Middle Ages, 500-1300: Islam, Feudalism, Manorialism
Latin Christendom: Christian Church leading institution
Jews forced to deal with trade and moneylending
The Jewish question - “What should we do about this
Jewish minority.” Jews refused to convert (Inquisition)
Ghetto. town area where Jews lived in isolation
Martyrdom - sanctification of the Lord; Jews died in name
of God = kiddush hashem
Marranos - pigs; Jews who converted, new Christians
1492: expulsion from Spain by Isabella & Ferdinand
Sephardi - Jews who came from Spain; speak Ladino
Ashkenazi - Jews from Europe; speak Yiddish
Jews: evil & devil image, caricatures; blood libels;
pogroms: scapegoats during the Crusades & Black Death
Jews persecuted for religious reasons, because of Judaism.
Anti-Judaism paved way for modern antisemitism
Reformation 16th. cent. Martin Luther. Jews & their lies.