National Rape Statistics


1. Introduction

2. Official Criminal Justice Statistics

3. Victimization Surveys

4. Perpetrator Surveys

5. Surveys of Service Providers

6. References



Current government efforts at counting crime include official criminal justice statistics, victimization surveys, and surveys of service providers. Others have attempted to measure crime through self-report surveys. The advantages and disadvantages of each method of counting sexual assaults are summarized in Table 5 and detailed below.

Table - Comparison of sexual assault data collection methods


Criminal Justice

Victimization Surveys

Perpetrator Surveys

Service Providers

Geographic Area(s) National,
Local National,
Respondents Criminal Justice Population Population Health,
Social Services
Organizational Level Organization Individual Individual Organization,
Cost High High High Medium
Validity Low Medium Medium Medium
Reliability Low High Medium Medium
Confidentiality Low High High High



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