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The Categorical Data Analysis System (CDAS) estimates many popular models for analyzing categorical data, including loglinear models, association models, and latent class models. A routine for purging rates is also included.

Please note that CDAS is "old-school" software, distributed freely, and runs in a DOS console session (DOS box) in Windows or other operating systems supporting native DOS.

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Fuzzy-Set Goodness-of-Fit

The Fuzzy-Set QCA Goodness-of-Fit software enables researchers to test goodness-of-fit between their data and causal hypotheses (necessity, sufficiency, and necessity & sufficiency) as described in

Goodness-of-Fit Tests and Descriptive Measures in Fuzzy-Set Analysis (with Robin Stryker) 2009. Sociological Methods & Research 38:102-146.

The software also tests for all higher-order conjunctions for up to 10 factors, allowing researchers to assess INUS conditions in their data.

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