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Pusch Peak
(from Linda Vista)

[Red trail line is approximate and for illustration purposes only. For GPS details, see Google Earth image and National Geographic topo map below.]

Route: Begin at the Linda Vista Trailhead (off Oracle Rd). Free parking available.

[For points specified in blue, see topo map below.]

  1. Go 0.73 miles. Turn right off the Linda Vista trail at (unreadable) metal signpost.
  2. Trail to Pusch Peak begins here (START: 0.73 miles, 3120 ft). It follows the right hand side of the side canyon until the crossover point (XOVER).
  3. Follow trail until ROCK (0.99 miles: 3440 ft). Scramble over this 12'-14' rock and take the lower trail. Don't cross over until XOVER.
  4. Squirrel Gap. (SQGAP 1.15 miles: 3700 ft). There is a miniature white squirrel placed at the gap between two rocks here. I wonder who placed it here. The trail is sometimes marked by small rocks piled at strategic points.
  5. Trail crosses over from the right to the Pusch Peak side at XOVER (1:34 miles: 4070 ft).
  6. There is a wonderful panoramic view at PANR (1.55 miles: 4490 ft). It's sort of at the bottom of the bowl that forms the saddle.
  7. 1.96 miles. Top of Pusch Peak.
Distance: 1.96 miles
Climb: 2700 ft total including Linda Vista trail.
Rises 2200 ft from Pusch Peak trail START to top in 1.23 miles. (Average grade 34%.)
Time: First time I did it, it took 4 hours round trip including many stops for photos etc.
2nd time: I knew the route. 3 hours 30 mins.
3rd time: Just under 3 hours. About 85 mins to the top.
I think anything under 2 hours 30 mins would indicate decent aerobic fitness and excellent familiarity with the route.
Highlights: (1) USGS marker on top.
(2) 360° view on top. (See panorama below.)
(3) Clear canister wedged near marker: sign your name.

Google Earth Map

[Imported into Google Earth. Magellan waypoints converted into KML format using MacGSPBabel.]

Click here for a larger view.

Topo Map

Some images of selected waypoints:

ROCK ahead at (0.99 miles: 3440 ft)

Close-up view

START (0.73 miles, 3120 ft)
Metal sign at turnoff from Linda Vista trail

SQGAP (1.15 miles: 3700 ft)
Miniature squirrel (now missing)


At the Top

There is a 360° view at the top of Pusch Peak. The top is fairly flat, so you have to walk around to get the various vantage points.

Survey Marker

There is a survey marker and sign-in canister right at the top.
Update: There are actually two USGS survey markers at the top.

Me at the top sitting on the survey marker

USGS Survey Marker

Canister with sign-in sheets (and writing implements).


Here is another (in my series of) low-resolution cellphone camera panoramas, except this one's a 360° wrap.
(That's me standing on the left. Mount Kimball (7200 ft) is behind me.)

[Click on image for a larger view. Picture courtesy of Emily Wang.]

Sandiway Fong
May 16th 2006
(Updated June 2nd)

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