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LUST Racing Custom Shoes

[Click for larger picture.]

Custom cycling shoes from Colorado by Bart Sheldrake. Minimalist form and function only. This is the honeycomb carbon fiber version. Drilled for Look 3-hole pattern.

Notice how the carbon fiber sole smoothly wraps around and forms a "hull" or "boat" cradling the foot. The "hull" is essentially the whole shoe. The straps and toebox cover merely go across the top to hold your foot in.

I'm around a nominal size 43. The pair of shoes together weigh 354g.

Left shoe is 182g, right is 172g. (Original pair was 310g complete.)

For comparison, my pair of Shimano Megapavemantis (carbon fiber sole) in size 43 weighs about 575-600g. My Carnacs are considerably heavier than the Shimanos.

The weight savings is nice but only icing on the cake, so to speak.

First purchased in 2001.

My Carnacs and Shimanos didn't work so well on longer brevets: feet (hot spots and pressure points) and knees (alignment problems).

For me, going custom meant no more ibuprofen, no need to take my shoes off at stops, and no extra padding to protect tender areas.

The shoes also seem good for long rides in the rain.

The carbon "hull" design means that the only non-carbon-fiber parts are the straps, the mesh toebox cover, and the mininal padding inside the shoe.

Refurbished twice. Each time: new liners and straps, damage repair and repainting of the carbon soles.

Picture shown above is after the latest Jan 2006 refurbishment.

The mesh toebox cover is the only visible new feature from the 2nd refurbishment.

Sandiway Fong
Tucson AZ
Jan 2006

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