I have been following the band KISS for almost 35 years now.  Originally, they were just an interesting abnormality to an otherwise mundane popular music horizon.  As the criticism towards the band grew, and the band's refusal to give in, I identified with this never-say-die attitude.  From then on, I have followed the career of the band and their creed of never letting small, closed minded people keep you from achieving your goals.  I thoroughly believe in the power of positive thinking, goal setting, and perseverance and this band is the musical manifestation of those beliefs.

Now it is quite fashionable to follow KISS.  Those of us who were there in the beginning, appreciate the support of the new fans (newbies).  This has certainly helped the band reach legendary status with a 35 year and 40 album career span.

The band is also known for the marketing approach that was initially  instituted in the late 1970's and is now resurgent with the reunion of the original members in 1996.  I started collecting KISS memorabilia, like other original fans, quite by accident and before it was ever thought to be collectible.  Luckily my pension for not throwing things away has now allowed me develop a nice collection.  KISS is not the most marketed band in history (Beatles), but they are certainly in the top 3.  I am always looking for something new or old and collectible.  If you have a question or something you are looking to sell, email me at ryden@arizona.edu.