Round Robin Letters
Issue 20 -- Spring/Summer 1998

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First, a few photos from Reg & Barb Naylor:

Jerry & Idee Keller

April 13, 1998

Dear family,

Great to hear from everyone. Always a high spot for me! Want to get this on its way before we leave for Sanibel Saturday.

Can’t believe the tax season is almost over. Time went rather fast this year. Jer is in pretty good shape for an "old guy"! He’s worked really hard but still enjoys what he does and doesn’t have the big responsibility of running the business anymore. And they have really treated him so well. They are a great bunch. He’s still at work tonight but will be home in an hour or so.

We had a great Easter. The day was gorgeous, 74º and clear & sunny. I cooked the meal and Bruce & Don and families came for a fun afternoon. The kids were so good and always have such fun together. We had an Easter egg hunt, etc. They were so enthused and fun. Being a Grammy is sure great!

I had a wonderful time in Seattle. Always great to be with Gary, Pam & kids. Gary was working long hours but took some time off to be with us. Had a wonderful day with Ben & Vae checking out the Fort. It’s such gorgeous country out there. We took the ferry and that’s always a treat. They also had Pam, Kathy and I out to lunch at their place. They have such a nice home and it’s decorated really tastefully with some of their art work on the walls.

While there, we talked about a place for the family reunion. The fort would be great but we’d have to have solid commitment more than a year ahead -- kind of impractical. One good possibility is Leavenworth. Has lots of varied accommodations like Cayucos and there’s lots to do and see in the area. Pam is getting information together and will send it along soon. Sounds ideal. We’ll need some feedback from you all.

Well, Reg, Gavin & Claire are on their way back to Kathmandu right now. Barb will be in England until May 1. Had to wait ‘til Isaac could get his shots and his passport and they could get their check-ups, etc. Isaac is doing real well and weighs 6 lbs. 4 oz. now -- gained two pounds!! We’re really thankful to the Lord for His great care for them.

Tomorrow I’m going to Lianna’s birthday party -- her choice for her party -- to go fishing!! So we’re going to a park close to their house that has a stocked lake. It’s supposed to be a pretty day -- she’ll be four years old. A few weeks ago, Maddie’s choice for her birthday was the opening game of the Cardinals! And they won!

Gary, Pam & kids will join us in Sanibel Saturday for a week. We’ll have a super time as they really love it as much as we do. We’ll be there ‘til May 9. Come on down!!

Jer is home so I’ll close this -- and send our love to all of you. We think of you often and pray for you daily.

Lots of love.

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Bob & Esther Staley

April 30, 1998

Dear Family,

I wonder? Can you hear all the noise from outside here? There are lots of noises from the equipment operating. There is a freeway going in right outside our window. At least it seems like it. Anyway, the great machines are really going today, dust is flying and, on top of it all, rain is predicted.

We had a trip over to San Diego a week ago. Esther’s son, Bill, got married. He’s 35 and Esther was worried he’d never take the plunge. We all love Julie. She’s a Christian and comes from a Christian family. It was a nice trip.

We also spent a couple of days in Flagstaff. The leader of our small group owns a house up there on a golf course. We left in a snowstorm and, in a few hours, were back in sunny, warm Phoenix. It was a really good chance to get acquainted more.

We hope to be able to go to the Cadence Conference again this summer. It’ll be our third such trip and we’re looking forward to it, though it’s quite a ways.

Please pardon the poor writing. I have a hard time anymore being neat and collecting my thoughts for a letter.

Trust this finds you all well and enjoying the Lord.

All our love.

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Larry & Lou Bush

June 14, 1998

Dear all,

Sure is fun to get all the news plus pictures. Little Isaac’s arrival, for excitement, is right up there with Matthew’s arrival in flight from Mammoth! We’re thankful Barb & baby are doing so well.

P.S. Matthew just graduated from elementary school, plays the clarinet, soccer, and is doing very well in school (as told by a proud Granny).

We’ve gotten all the info for Family Reunion next summer and we plan to be there in our RV -- also, Jim/Claire and Bill/Mary, at least at this point in time. Thanks, Ben & Vae for getting us organized.

Our latest family news is that Tom moved to San Diego last week. It is a transfer within the same company he works for now (Sport Chalet). He’s been working on this move for two years, waiting for an opening to apply for. So far no address; he’s staying with a buddy while looking for an apartment. He has a couple friends from college days he’s still close to and really likes the idea of getting out of L.A. He assures me that the buddies’ wives are even looking for a "nice girl" for him once he arrives. Is this good or bad??

Speaking of Tom, we, plus Tom and friend Neil, took a long trip to Baja California in May. They own a fishing boat together -- a 24-ft Skip Jack -- and since our purchase of a trailer, they have been urging us to go along on a fishing trip. Well, it was an adventure!! I’m just glad we were with them as they’ve made the trip many times. It was a 1,000 mile trip down to Las Barrilas which is 40 miles north of Cabo San Lucas (the tip of Baja). The roads are very narrow and full of chuck holes. Barely room to pass oncoming trucks. Gas is very scarce and you have to plan ahead. But all went well, except for a flat & bent rim on the trailer which we discovered in our campground. They took the boat and we used our trailer so things worked out well.

We spent 10 days in Los Barrilas on the gulf with wonderful weather, warm water and great fishing. We were letting most of them go by at the end of the trip as there was no more room in our freezer, refrigerator or the 12-volt refrig in their truck. We had fresh tuna, dorado, and mahi mahi every night. It really turned out to be fun.

The RV park where we stayed was mostly Americans, retired, who go down for months as it’s so much cheaper to live there. There was a nice pool and small hotel so I could "hang out" when I’d had too much fishing. It was a great time with Tom as we haven’t had much opportunity for that lately. His working hours are so crazy, it’s a good thing he doesn’t have a family at this point.

Let’s see -- the only other news is that we sold our sailboat as of last month. This was quite traumatic to Larry as it’s been his pet project for the past 20 years. We certainly had lots of good times and many memories connected to it, but it was also an expense we don’t need as retired people. Guess we’ll adjust.

Love to all.

P.S. Just heard that Merry O’Malley will be attending Cal State Long Beach in the fall. Less than a mile away. Lucky us!

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Eileen Staley

June 27, 1998

Dear Everybody!

You can see that I’ve held the letters ten days plus -- giving Erinn an opportunity to read them while she was here. She, Michael and Sarah flew to Sacramento for Lynda and Bill Baker’s wedding last weekend. They spent this week here and will be flying home Monday. We all had a fun time getting acquainted with both Michael and Sarah Lyn.

I’m always thankful for travel mercies for all of you who are flying and on the busy highways. It’s good to hear "...had a great trip!" And what loving care was granted Barbara and Isaac Naylor during the family’s recent events! We do have a wonderful Father.

Carol and I attended the Chosen Women Conference at Bulldog Stadium April 29-30. Anne Graham Lotz, Bunny Wilson and Kay Arthur are all powerful speakers and the response was impressive.

Thanks for your calls this morning, Marjorie and Beverly (in that order). They made my day! Erinn and family left 20 minutes later for Sacramento. Will be back at work in Georgia by Wednesday.

Thanks also to everyone who sends pictures. Laytons, you must have broken all records for "grandparents attending high school graduations"! Congradulations!

Before Carol finished her month of vacation, she and I drove to San Luis and Pismo and had lunch and a lovely visit with Bonnie. Hadn’t seen her since the 1993 reunion.

If I stop now, this can be carried away by the postman in 5 minutes.

Love to all of you.

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Glenn & Marjorie Layton

July 6, 1998

Hi Everybody,

Nice to hear from all of you. Thinking back, however, I have talked to all of you on the phone (except maybe Idee) for one reason or other. We so appreciate Ben and Vae getting right to work on the ’99 reunion and so glad things are already firmed up a year ahead. We haven’t visited the Leavenworth Thousand Trails but we have been impressed with them most everywhere, and Ben & Vae seem pleased. We are encouraged with the interest of the younger generation -- many of them plan to be there.

Our "graduation tour" went great and we were so glad to be in attendance for Hannah, Zach and Merry (in a 3000 mile radius). They are three to be proud of!

We returned on June 9 to some neglected yard work and cleaning, window washing, etc. but things are looking better. Our green beans and tomato vines are looking encouraging.

After we left in May, Malc & Bev made a Morro Bay trip -- we were sorry to miss them. Quite a crowd this past July 4 weekend in our area. O’Malleys came over for chicken and potato salad and we walked down to the bluff overlooking our beach at dusk. From there we could see Morro Bay fireworks to the left and Cayucos to the right. Sort of like watching a tennis match.

Merry came home from Denver a few days ago after having a wonderful time with Hannah and being in a dance workshop there. Tom and Peggy were grateful to stay at Bush’s when they went to L.A. to pick her up. They visited the Long Beach campus and attended the parent orientation and Merry signed up for classes. We want to thank all of you for being so gracious when families are in the area. Lou & Larry were at Mammoth but left a hidden key. I remember how special it was for Cami to have Uncle Jerry and Aunt Idee in St. Louis for her college years. And now Zach will be in Seattle in October and can know there will be family in the area. Thanks, everybody.

We are looking forward to Marjanne & Duane being here July 24 for a week. Duane’s uncle and aunt are having a 50th anniversary and using the occasion for a family reunion -- they live in Cambria. There will be time for visits with both families.

Second week of August we plan to take our motorhome for a week at Hume Lake. Our friends Don & Barbara Frahm are going, too. We are really looking forward to being at Hume again.

So thankful Isaac Naylor is doing well. The pictures are so sweet. Wendy and Barb have exchanged e-mail and are happy to be in touch.

Check with you later...


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Malc & Bev Staley

July 20, 1998

Dear Folks,

We’re really stuck inside every afternoon now as the temperature climbs to 100º+ each day, it seems. Only a week tomorrow and fairly normal for July here but they say will cool down to 90’s again real soon!!

Mickey & family came for the weekend (yesterday) and other than going out to our outside church yesterday, we didn’t do much except try to stay cool. We still have at least 4 months of Sunday services in our amphitheater under the oaks and everybody seems to really like it as we normally have about 800 in attendance each week.

Andrew was down here the previous week by himself so we are now relaxing a bit after much coming and going. We have a large recreational lake about 4 miles from us so went over there one day for swimming with inner tubes and stuff. Andrew really likes the water and has several places to swim in his home area. If we were actually brave enough, we could float the Stanislaus River just down the street from us, but it is flowing quite heavy this year after so much snow in the mountains.

After a nice week at Morro Bay in early June we plan to head west in a couple of weeks to go over to the coast near Bodega Bay, about a 3 hour drive with our trailer. It is much cooler over there close to the ocean and is a really pretty area to visit, redwoods and coast highway area to north is worth the trip. Plan to stay one week and the kids will be up for the weekend in their pickup camper.

We are looking forward to our bigger trip in 1999 to the reunion and an extended trip from there!!

Bye for now. Love to all.

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Ben & Vae Staley

August 15, 1998

Dear family,

I’ve just come back from flying my RC (radio control) glider at the field. Jan & Dan bought me a membership in the local flying club so I am getting acquainted and meeting others who like to fly models. They have instructors, too, so will get some time to learn to fly my powered trainer soon. The gift was for my 70th campout party last weekend in the North Cascades Park. Becky flew up from Tucson, Jan & Dan were already here on an extended trip to the northwest, and Ben & Tim and families plus Jeff, Barb & kids -- all came for a big party. This is more to my liking than anything I could think of and the weather was beautiful also. We stayed two nights, took some hikes, visited the waterfall and the National Park visitor center. Seventeen of us in all and we had a great time.

Becky and Tim put together the greatest gift and special. Becky wrote seven short reports on my life and then she and Tim found memorabilia on the internet to bid on and purchase, such as old magazines, Mid-Continent airline tickets, post cards, maps, etc. Becky put these altogether in seven large envelopes and now I am going thru them one by one. I’m amazed at what they were able to come up with that related to various times of our lives. Very thoughtful and creative of them. We enjoyed so much visiting each others’ campfires and chatting about all kinds of things.

Last Saturday we went to Tim & Josie’s for a 7th birthday party for Kevin. Lots of Josie’s family was there, too, so he got lots of presents. I told Kevin we must be the same age ‘cause he was 7 and I was 70 and 0 isn’t anything, so we must be the same age. He wasn’t sure about how that worked. He is a cute little guy and real sharp.

Vae is busy this week stripping wallpaper off the dining room and kitchen walls, getting ready for a makeover. What was on there certainly needed changing -- and I’m sure she can do much better on color and decorating. Sort of a big job -- but is needed.

We are happy with our location here, have found a great church five minutes away and are staying healthy. The Lord is good.

Much love to you all.

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