Reunion When Where
Eighth July 25-31, 1993 Morro Bay, California
Some of the memories of this reunion include:
  • Girl cousin breakfast at Dorn's
  • Pancake breakfast and hike at Montana de Oro State Park
  • Special dinner to celebrate John & Eileen's 50th Wedding Anniversary
  • Talent show
  • Those in attendance were:
    John & Eileen Staley
    Bob & Esther Staley
    Malcolm & Beverly Staley with grandson Andrew
    Jerry & Idee Keller
    Larry & Lou Bush
    Bill & Mary Bush with Matt and Warren
    Jim Bush
    Duane & Marjanne Claassen with Cami, Dorea and Hannah
    Carol Emberton with niece Erinn Staley
    Bill & Kathy Hobson
    Gary & Pam Keller with Steven and Erin
    Reg & Barb Naylor with Gavin & Claire
    Tom & Peggy O'Malley with Maggie, Merry & Trevor
    Becky Staley
    Greg & Kathy Staley with Jeremy, Jonathon and Matthew
    Jeff & Barbara Staley with Ben and Allison
    Mick & Bridget Staley with Andrew
    Warren & Erleen Staley with Skip, Melodee, Keith, Grace and Mark
    John & Wendy Whaley with Talley and Zach
    Photos: (Click on thumbnail to view larger version)

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