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Tenth August 1-6, 1999 Thousand Trails near Leavenworth, Washington
WHAT A GREAT REUNION!! This has got to be among the best reunions on everyone's list. Many, many thanks to Ben and (especially) Vae Staley for all their hard work making the arrangements. Thanks, too, to the many others who were involved to a lesser extent.
I took along a digital camera to take snapshots. It does not take good detail pictures but they are fast and easy to download. I thought you'd enjoy this preliminary look at the fun we had, (fuzzy pictures and all)!

Here is the picture of the "Original" Staleys in attendance. (It's pretty blurry -- poor lighting conditions!) Just click on the picture to get a larger version.

Here are some of the family group pics:

The accommocations were great!!

The "Welcome" on Sunday afternoon was the first big gathering.

And here are a few portraits I took during the week.

The Girl Cousin Breakfast was such fun!

Then came the BIG FINALE -- the big dinner at the Lodge.
Those in attendance were:
Glen & Marjorie Layton
Bob & Esther Staley
Malcolm & Beverly Staley
Ben & Vae Staley
Jerry & Idee Keller
Larry & Lou Bush
John & Wendy Whaley with Bryant
Rob & Sherry Staley with Cory and Justin
Travis & Karen Staley with Trenary
Jeff & Barbara Staley with Ben and Allison
Mick & Bridget Staley with Andrew
Dan & Jan Greenough
Becky Staley
Ben & Kathy Staley with Kelly and Alex
Tim Staley with JC and Kevin
Barb Naylor with Gavin, Claire and Isaac
Don Keller with Nathan
Bruce & Geralyn Keller with Maddie, Lianna and Ethan
Gary & Pam Keller with Steve and Erin
Kathy Hobson

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