Reunion When Where
First July or August 1962 Lake City, Colorado
Some of the memories of this reunion include:
  • A picnic and firecrackers by the lake
  • A baby shower for Virginia Staley (pregnant with Ben)
  • Kids horseback riding (Brenda fell off her horse)
  • Girl cousin slumber party (we were all around 7-10 years old!)
  • Renting jeeps
  • Everyone caught lots of fish. The girl cousins caught more fish than the boy cousins!
  • Lou remembers having to tie up 2-year-old Tom so he wouldn't fall in the creek!
  • At one point during a picnic, Tom wandered away from the group but a family picnicking nearby brought him back. They figured, since he was so blond, he had to belong to us!
  • Those in attendance were:
    Lloyd and Mary Staley
    Bonnie Staley with Warren
    John & Eileen Staley with Doug and Carol
    Glenn & Marjorie Layton with Marjanne, Lesley, Wendy and Peggy
    Bob & Betty Staley with Rob, Greg, Jeff, Brenda and Beth
    Malcolm & Beverly Staley with Mick
    Ben & Virginia Staley with Jan and Becky
    Jerry & Idee Keller with Barb, Don and Bruce
    Larry & Lou Bush with Bill and Tom

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