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I was born in Kansas City in 1956 and lived in Kansas until I was 4 years old. My family moved to Immanuel Mission on the Navajo Indian Reservation in northern Arizona in 1961. The high desert plains, washes, and mountains were my playground until we moved to Snowflake, Arizona, in 1973.

I graduated from Snowflake Union High School in 1974 and attended the California Center for Biblical Studies in the Los Angeles area the following year. Returning home, I served as the town librarian for one year and then headed to Chicago for training with International Teams. Language and Bible studies prepared me for assisting a church in Grenoble, France, where I spent two years (1977-79). I absolutely fell in love with Europe. (Here's another Grenoble site.)

Upon my return to the States, I found a job at the University of Arizona in Tucson late in 1979 and have lived here since that time. I've worked in several different departments within Facilities Management; most recently moving to Grounds Services in 1991. I retired from that job in October 2007 after 28 years of service.

Essays on life at the mission:

Riding the Bus to High School                         Picture Night

Recent Projects:
Lately I've had the privilege of compiling some family history projects which were the result of research done by my cousin Jeff Staley.

My brother, Timothy Luke Staley, has taken over this information
on his wonderfully new and improved website:

Letters from Lloyd M. Staley to Mary B. Gray
August 1917 to July 1918
August to October 1918
October to December 1918
January to May 1919 and Epilogue
Related Essays
Supplemental Resources
Arts & Entertainment's The History Channel featured a few of Lloyd's letters in their DEAR HOME production on Friday, November 10, 2000.

You can purchase a VHS tape of the program in their online store. Also, for more info, see their press release.

Abraham Ephriam Staley - Lloyd's grandfather
Arlonzo Edwin Staley - Lloyd's father
May Belle (Lamb) Staley - Lloyd's mother
Lloyd's Autobiography
Mary Beatrice (Gray) Staley - Lloyd's wife
Life on the Farm in the early 1900s
A Day on the Farm
Ice Harvest
Apple Butter Time
Butchering Time
Threshing Time
School Days
Spring Planting Time

Moved to:

Abraham Stilley (Staley) (1768-1845)
Isaac Staley (1812-1887)
Abraham Ephraim Staley (1837-1919)
Arlonzo Edwin Staley (1858-1950)
Lloyd Maywood Staley (1895-1983)

Genealogical Charts
Moved to:

(In progress)

Will include excerpts from the Rolf Johnson diaries, covering the years 1875-1880. This book is currently available from
Happy As a Big Sunflower: Adventures in the West, 1875-1880

If you have any questions or comments regarding any of the above, please contact me at

My cousin Jeffrey Lloyd Staley, who researched the Staley family history, also grew up at Immanuel Mission. He included an autobiographical chapter in his latest book, Reading With a Passion: Rhetoric, Autobiography, and the American West in the Gospel of John, which has some additional family history details. Click the book at right to view it or buy it at You can also read an interview with Jeff conducted by Reading With a Passion
For more genealogical research on the Staley name, this site might help:
Miles Erdman Staley's website
He also has information on Lamb, Grave, Coo, and Coe.
An excellent web clearinghouse for genealogical information is
Cyndi Howells' List of Genealogical Sites on the Internet.
Some great books on WWI or Genealogy that I plan to read:
To the Last Man   The Illustrated Red Baron   The Guns of August     Netting Your Ancestors   Genealogy for Dummies

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