After graduation, I hung up my Keintz IGA smock (Lanny Wolf and Ron Ballard where are you?) and attended KSU, majoring in biological sciences. I received my degree in 1973, then attended KU Med Center (and was almost disowned by my dyed in the wool Wildcat family) where I received my certificate in Physical Therapy in November 1974. First job was in Oklahoma (Boomer Sooner) then moved to Nebraska (Go Big Red) so that my now husband (Larry Jones-St. X class of '69) would have an easier time chasing me. He finally caught me in 1977 :) and we remained in Beatrice, Nebraska until 1984. Two adopted children later (Shona in 1981 and Adam in 1883) we began our quest for "the greener pastures". After moving around a bit...Kearney, Nebraska to Princeton, Illinois...we arrived on the doorstep of Larry's folks (of Deb's Clothing...love those powder blue tuxes for prom...fame.) We found greener pastures in the figurative sense... but "greener" isn't a word to describe Tucson, Arizona (unless you're at Carlos Murphy's on St. Patrick's Day.)

Now this "Wildcat Country" (University of Arizona Wildcats, that is) has been home for the past 14 years...and we are settled in. I am still a Physical Therapist and have worked for the Carondelet Health Care System since we moved here. First in a hospital setting, then out-patient rehab, and geriatric rehab, with stints in between doing home health. I currently am working part-time doing home health...which takes me to many areas (have car, will travel) often logging 100+ miles per day.

We recently (for our 23rd anniversary) purchased a tandem bicycle which we have enjoyed riding...my "front view" doesn't change much (sorta like the last mule in a pack train), but the side views are great. I still have a love of reading, am a crafter (but let's not talk about the number of projects around the house only half completed), and have recently joined our churches Bell Choir. I never knew there were so many ways to ring a bell!

And on that note: Class Dismissed!

(Yes, the pun was intended...sorry!)


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