Renee Duckworth Lab :: Ecology and Evolution :: University of Arizona

Current group:

Renee Duckworth (PI)
James Mouton | postdoc
Kathryn Chenard | grad
Matthew Moelling | grad
Maria Beiriz | grad
Sarah Scott | tech
Juliana Kosters | undergrad
Hannah Quick | undergrad


Ahva Potticary | grad
Chris Gurguis | grad
Stepfanie Aguillon | grad
Georgy Semenov | postdoc
Kelly Hallinger | postdoc
Anne-Laure Blanche | honor
Alexis Anderson | honor
Savannah Miller | REU
Taylor Bobowski | REU
Fatima Bravo | tech
Caitlin Gill | tech
Ellen Ouelette | tech
Allison Byrd | tech
Selene Fregosi | tech
Tayler LaSharr | UBRP

Anna Sevic | undergrad
Judy Quach | undergrad
Fernando Diaz | undergrad
Hannah Specht| tech

NSF CAREER Pop & Comm Ecol, DEB-1350107

NSF REU Pop & Comm Ecol, DEB-1620183

New papers:

Zenil-Ferguson, R, McEntee, JP, Burleigh, JG, Duckworth, RA. 2021. Evolution of nest site specialization and its macroevolutionary consequences in passerine birds. bioRxiv.

Gurguis, CI & Duckworth, RA. In rev. Assessing multiple timescales of behavioral change provides insight into function of an offspring signal. The American Naturalist.

Mouton, JC & Duckworth, RA. 2021. Maternally-derived hormones, neurosteroids and the development of behaviour. Proc. Roy. Soc. B. 288: 20202467.

Potticary, AL & Duckworth, RA. 2021. A neuroendocrine perspective on the origin and evolution of cooperative breeding. Ornithology. 138: ukab036.

Chenard, KC & Duckworth, RA. 2021. The special case of behavioral plasticity? pg 301. In: DW Pfennig, ed. Phenotypic plasticity and evolution. CRC Press, Boca Raton, Florida.

Potticary AL & Duckworth, RA. 2020. Multiple environmental stressors induce an adaptive maternal effect. The American Naturalist. 196: 487-500.

Duckworth, RA. 2020. Catastrophes and calms. Aeon. August 13 issue.

Duckworth, RA. 2019. Biological dynamics and evolutionary causation. In T Uller and K Laland (Eds.), Evolutionary Causation: Biological and Philosophical Reflections. MIT Press.

New talks:

-Workshop:  "Evolutin of Personality in Animals and Humans", Erice, Italy (Sept 2021)

-University of Bern "Behavioral, Evolutionary and Theoretical Ecology Seminar Series", Bern, Switzerland (March 2021)

-American Society of Naturalists' Symposium: "Merging behavioural ecology with eco-evolutionary dynamics", Asilomar, CA (Jan 2020)

UC Davis "Animal Behavior Seminar Series", Davis, CA (Nov 2019)

-American Society of Ornithology Conference Symposium: "Long-term studies of cavity nesting birds", Anchorage, Alaska (June 2019)

-Plenary Lecture, Evolution Evolving Conference, Cambridge University, UK (April 2019)

-Symposium: "Frontiers in Behavioural Research" Max Plank Institute, Seeweisen, Germany (April 2019)

-Gordon Research Conference "Unifying Ecology Across Scales", Biddeford, Maine (July 2018)

-Plenary Lecture, European Society for Evolutionary Biology, Groningen, The Netherlands (August 2017)



American Naturalist
Associate Editor


ASN, Young Investigator Award Committee, 2018-2020

Local Committee, AOS Annual Meeting, Tucson, AZ April 2018

Councilor, Amercan Ornithological Society, 2016-2019


- This View of Life (2021)
- National Geographic: Book talk (2018)
- Webinar: Evolution and Contextual Behavioral Science (2017)
- Nature: Research Highlights (2015)
- CBS News (2015)
- Science Podcast (2015)
- New Scientist (2013)
- BioScience (2012)
-The Scientist (2011)

Next class:

ECOL 610: EEB Internships, Grad course
(Fall 2021/Spring 2022)

ECOL 484/584: Ornithology
(Spring 2023)

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Fellow of the American Ornithological Society, 2017

NSF CAREER Award, 2014

Elective Member. American Ornithological Union, 2012

Young Investigator Prize, American Society of Naturalists, 2010

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