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Current group:

Renee Duckworth (PI)
Georgy Semenov | postdoc
Kelly Hallinger | postdoc
Ahva Potticary | grad
Kathryn Chenard | grad
Chris Seliga | tech
Caitlin Gill | tech
Alexis Anderson | undergrad
Taylor Bobowski | undergrad
Anne-Laure Blanche | undergrad


Chris Gurguis | grad
Stepfanie Aguillon | grad
Ellen Ouelette | tech
Allison Byrd | tech
Sarah Hanauer | tech
Sean Schroff | tech
Selene Fregosi | tech
Jordan Veal | tech
Virginia Belloni | postdoc
Nerissa Hall | undergrad
Tayler LaSharr | UBRP

L. Sreenivasan | undergrad
Judy Quach | undergrad
Tyler MacMaster | undergrad
Laura Kennedy | tech
Robert Kirkham | honor
Samantha Barnett | undergrad
Annika Anderson | BASIS

NSF CAREER Pop & Comm Ecol, DEB-1350107

NSF REU Pop & Comm Ecol, DEB-1620183

New papers:

Potticary AL and Duckworth, RA. 2018. Environmental mismatch results in emergence of cooperative behavior in a passerine bird. Evol. Ecol. in press.

Duckworth, RA, Potticary, AL and Badyaev, AV. 2018. On the origins of adaptive behavioral complexity: Developmental channeling of structural trade-offs. Advances in the Study of Behavior. In press.

Duckworth, RA, Hallinger KK, Hall N and Potticary AL. 2017. Switch to a novel breeding resource influences coexistence of two passerine birds. Front. Ecol. Evol. 5:72.

Duckworth RA & Semenov, G. 2017. Hybridization associated with cycles of ecological succession in a passerine bird. American Naturalist. 190: E94-E105.

Duckworth, RA. 2018. Reconciling the tension between behavioral change and stability. In D. S. Wilson & S. C. Hayes (Eds.), Evolution and Contextual Behavioral Science: A Reunification. New Harbinger Publications. In press.

Duckworth RA, Belloni, V & Anderson, SR. (2015) Cycles of species replacement emerge from locally induced maternal effects on offspring behavior in a passerine bird. Science 374: 875-877.

Duckworth, R. A. (2015) Neuroendocrine mechanisms underlying behavioral stability: implications for the evolutionary origin of personality. Ann. N.Y. Acad. Sci. 1360: 54-74

Aguillon SM & Duckworth RA. (2015) Kin aggression and resource availability influence phenotype-dependent dispersal in a passerine bird. Behavioral Ecology & Sociobiology 69: 625-633.

Upcoming talks:

-Gordon Research Conference "Unifying Ecology Across Scales", Biddeford, Maine (July 2018)

-Plenary Lecture, European Society for Evolutionary Biology, Groningen, The Netherlands (August 2017)

-Altenberg Workshop in Theoretical Biology "Cause and Process in Evolution", Vienna, Austria (May 2017)

- Denver Museum of Nature and Science (November 2016)

- Tucson Audubon Living with Nature Series, Green Valley, AZ (December 2016)

-Florida State University, Biological Sciences Colloquium, Grad Student Speaker (December 2016)

-Theodosia Hadley Lecture, Western Michigan University (April 2016)

-Yale University, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (March 2016)

-University of Chicago, Department of Ecology & Evolution (February 2016)

-Symposium "The role of animal personality in speciation" American Society of Naturalists, Asilomar (January 2016)



Evolutionary Ecology Associate Editor


Local Committee, Amercan Ornithological Society Annual Meeting, Tucson, AZ April 2018

Councilor, Amercan Ornithological Society, 2016-2019


- Nature: Research Highlights (2015)
- CBS News (2015)
- Science Podcast (2015)
- New Scientist (2013)
- BioScience (2012)
-The Scientist (2011)
-Natl. Wildlife (2010)
-Science News (2008)
-ScienceNOW (2006)

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ECOL 484/584: Ornithology
(Spring 2019)

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ECOL 596: Evolutionary Epigenetics, Grad course
(Spring 2019)



Fellow of the Amerian Ornithological Society, 2017

NSF CAREER Award, 2014

Elective Member. American Ornithological Union, 2012

Young Investigator Prize, American Society of Naturalists, 2010

Ned K. Johnson Award, American Ornithologists Union, 2009

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