Waste and recycling assessment

Millsaps College Applied Anthropology class

Spring 2010

Students in SOAN 4750: Applied Anthropology designed and excuted a study of waste and recycling on Millsaps College campus to bring "attention to the damages we as a society inflict on our planet, wishing to exemplify environmental stewardship as a community and assist Millsaps College in becoming a greater leader in sustainable efforts overall. As students and leaders of an exceptional liberal arts institution in the heart of the most consumptive country in the world, we feel it is imperative that we lead the way to an ethic of ecological protection, beginning with what we leave behind, our waste." Download report here.

The class project was featured in the Purple and White. Download article here.

In the process of compiling the report, students had the opportunity to reflect on sustainability and definitions of waste. They also began to pay attention to the important role that staff play in the daily operations of the college. Several essays are tributes to the hard work of maintenance and other college staff. You may read their essays below.

Nadia Al Hashimi
Travis Banta
Bolton Kirchner
Molly Lehmuller
Kailey Rocker
Erin Sanders
Caitlin White